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Migration as an adaptation to climate change
R McLeman, B Smit
Climatic change 76 (1-2), 31-53
Climate change as the ‘new’security threat: implications for Africa
O Brown, A Hammill, R McLeman
International Affairs 83 (6), 1141-1154
Migration in the context of vulnerability and adaptation to climate change: insights from analogues
RA McLeman, LM Hunter
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change 1 (3), 450-461
Vulnerability to climate change hazards and risks: crop and flood insurance
R McLeman, B Smit
The Canadian Geographer/Le Géographe canadien 50 (2), 217-226
Drought adaptation in rural eastern Oklahoma in the 1930s: lessons for climate change adaptation research
R McLeman, D Mayo, E Strebeck, B Smit
Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change 13 (4), 379-400
Impacts of population change on vulnerability and the capacity to adapt to climate change and variability: a typology based on lessons from “a hard country”
R McLeman
Population and Environment 31 (5), 286-316
Settlement abandonment in the context of global environmental change
RA McLeman
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Migration out of 1930s rural eastern Oklahoma: insights for climate change research
R McLeman
Great Plains Quarterly 26 (1), 27-40
Climate change, migration and security
R McLeman, B Smit, ...
Canadian Security Intelligence Service
A recurring anarchy? The emergence of climate change as a threat to international peace and security: Analysis
O Brown, R McLeman
Conflict, Security & Development 9 (3), 289-305
Drought-Related Conflicts, Management and Resolutions in the West African Sahel: Considerations for Climate Change Research
A Nyong, C Fiki, R McLeman
Die Erde 137 (3), 223
Climate change, migration and critical international security considerations
R McLeman
IOM, International Organization for Migration
GIS-based modeling of drought and historical population change on the Canadian Prairies
R McLeman, S Herold, Z Reljic, M Sawada, D McKenney
Journal of Historical Geography 36 (1), 43-56
Household access to capital and its effects on drought adaptation and migration: a case study of rural Alberta in the 1930s
G Gilbert, R McLeman
Population and Environment 32 (1), 3-26
Changement climatique, migrations et sécurité
R McLeman, B Smit
Les Cahiers de la sécurité 63 (4), 95-120
Planning for climate change in Canadian rural and resource-based communities
R Sander-Regier, R McLeman, M Brklacich, M Woodrow
Environments: a journal of interdisciplinary studies 37 (1)
Adapting to climate change in Addington Highlands: A report to the community
R McLeman, G Gilbert
Department of Geography, University of Ottawa
Soil and its influence on rural drought migration: insights from Depression-era Southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada
RA McLeman, SK Ploeger
Population and Environment 33 (4), 304-332
Assessing the security implications of climate change-related migration
R McLeman, B Smit
Preprint, Human Security and Climate Change: An International Workshop, Oslo
Household access to capital and its influence on climate-related rural population change: lessons from the dust bowl years.
RA McLeman, E Wall, B Smit, J Wandel
Farming in a changing climate: Agricultural adaptation in Canada, 200-216
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