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Inventory of drug-taking situations
HM Annis, G Martin
Toronto: Addiction Research Foundation
Community effects of the opening of the Niagara casino
R Room, NE Turner, A Ialomiteanu
Addiction 94 (10), 1449-1466
The effect of common variance and structure pattern on random data eigenvalues: Implications for the accuracy of parallel analysis
NE Turner
Educational and Psychological Measurement 58 (4), 541-568
Drug-taking Confidence Questionnaire: DTCQ.. Sample Pack
H Annis, NE Turner, SM Sklar
Addiction Research Foundation
Development and validation of the Drug-Taking Confidence Questionnaire: A measure of coping self-efficacy
SM Sklar, HM Annis, NE Turner
Addictive Behaviors 22 (5), 655-670
Measurement of antecedents to drug and alcohol use: Psychometric properties of the Inventory of Drug-Taking Situations (IDTS)
NE Turner, HM Annis, SM Sklar
Behaviour research and therapy 35 (5), 465-483
How do slot machines and other electronic gambling machines actually work?
N Turner, R Horbay
Journal of Gambling Issues
A brief measure for the assessment of coping self‐efficacy among alcohol and other drug users
SM Sklar, NE Turner
Addiction 94 (5), 723-729
The experience of gambling and its role in problem gambling
NE Turner, M Zangeneh, N Littman-Sharp
International Gambling Studies 6 (2), 237-266
Factors influencing recovery from different addictions
A Koski-jšnnes, N Turner
Addiction Research & Theory 7 (6), 469-492
Pathways to pathological gambling: Component analysis of variables related to pathological gambling
NE Turner, U Jain, W Spence, M Zangeneh
International Gambling Studies 8 (3), 281-298
The relationship of problem gambling to criminal behavior in a sample of Canadian male federal offenders
NE Turner, DL Preston, C Saunders, S McAvoy, U Jain
Journal of Gambling Studies 25 (2), 153-169
Checkered expectations: Predictors of approval of opening a casino in the Niagara community
N Turner, A Ialomiteanu, R Room
Journal of Gambling Studies 15 (1), 45-70
Public awareness of responsible gambling and gambling behaviours in Ontario
NE Turner, J Wiebe, A Falkowski-Ham, J Kelly, W Skinner
International Gambling Studies 5 (1), 95-112
Life skills, mathematical reasoning and critical thinking: A curriculum for the prevention of problem gambling
NE Turner, J Macdonald, M Somerset
Journal of Gambling Studies 24 (3), 367-380
Recovery from problem gambling without formal treatment
T Toneatto, J Cunningham, D Hodgins, M Adams, N Turner, ...
Addiction Research & Theory 16 (2), 111-120
Group comparisons of coping self-efficacy between alcohol and cocaine abusers seeking treatment.
SM Sklar, HM Annis, NE Turner
Psychology of addictive behaviors 13 (2), 123
The naive human concept of random events
NE Turner, E Liu
conference of the American Psychological Association, Boston
Doubling vs. constant bets as strategies for gambling
NE Turner
Journal of Gambling Studies 14 (4), 413-429
Adolescent gambling behaviour, attitudes, and gambling problems
NE Turner, J Macdonald, M Bartoshuk, M Zangeneh
International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction 6 (2), 223-237
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