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The desired sensation level multistage input/output algorithm
S Scollie, R Seewald, L Cornelisse, S Moodie, M Bagatto, D Laurnagaray, ...
Trends in amplification 9 (4), 159-197
Evaluation of nonlinear frequency compression: Clinical outcomes
D Glista, S Scollie, M Bagatto, R Seewald, V Parsa, A Johnson
International Journal of Audiology 48 (9), 632-644
Predictive validity of a procedure for pediatric hearing instrument fitting
RC Seewald, KS Moodie, ST Sinclair, SD Scollie
American Journal of Audiology 8 (2), 143-152
Clinical protocols for hearing instrument fitting in the Desired Sensation Level method
M Bagatto, S Moodie, S Scollie, R Seewald, S Moodie, J Pumford, ...
Trends in amplification 9 (4), 199-226
Speech recognition with in-the-ear and behind-the-ear dual-microphone hearing instruments.
JM Pumford, RC Seewald, SD Scollie, LM Jenstad
Journal of the American Academy of Audiology 11 (1), 23-35
Validity and repeatability of level-independent HL to SPL transforms
SD Scollie, RC Seewald, LE Cornelisse, LM Jenstad
Ear and Hearing 19 (5), 407-413
The DSL method for pediatric hearing instrument fitting: Historical perspective and current issues
R Seewald, S Moodie, S Scollie, M Bagatto
Trends in Amplification 9 (4), 145-157
Real-ear-to-coupler difference predictions as a function of age for two coupling procedures
MP Bagatto, SD Scollie, RC Seewald, KS Moodie, BM Hoover
Journal of the American Academy of Audiology 13 (8), 407-415
Preferred listening levels of children who use hearing aids: comparison to prescriptive targets.
SD Scollie, RC Seewald, KS Moodie, K Dekok
Journal of the American Academy of Audiology 11 (4), 230-238
A cross-over, double-blind comparison of the NAL-NL1 and the DSL v4. 1 prescriptions for children with mild to moderately severe hearing loss
TYC Ching, SD Scollie, H Dillon, R Seewald
International Journal of Audiology 49 (S1), S4-S15
Infants are not average adults: Implications for audiometric testing
RC Seewald, SD Scollie
The Hearing Journal 52 (10), 64-66
Protocol for the provision of amplification within the Ontario Infant Hearing Program
M Bagatto, SD Scollie, M Hyde, R Seewald
International Journal of Audiology 49 (S1), S70-S79
Evaluation of electroacoustic test signals I: Comparison with amplified speech
SD Scollie, RC Seewald
Ear and Hearing 23 (5), 477-487
Hearing aid fitting and verification procedures for children
SD Scollie, RC Seewald
Handbook of Clinical Audiology, Fifth Edition. Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore
Children’s speech recognition scores: The Speech Intelligibility Index and proficiency factors for age and hearing level
SD Scollie
Ear and Hearing 29 (4), 543-556
Evaluation of the NAL-NL1 and DSL v4. 1 prescriptions for children: Preference in real world use
S Scollie, TYC Ching, R Seewald, H Dillon, L Britton, J Steinberg, ...
International Journal of Audiology 49 (S1), S49-S63
The effect of instantaneous input dynamic range setting on the speech perception of children with the Nucleus 24 implant
LS Davidson, MW Skinner, BA Holstad, BT Fears, MK Richter, ...
Ear and hearing 30 (3), 340-349
An approach for ensuring accuracy in pediatric hearing instrument fitting
RC Seewald, SD Scollie
Trends in Amplification 7 (1), 29-40
The University of Western Ontario Pediatric Audiological Monitoring Protocol (UWO PedAMP)
MP Bagatto, ST Moodie, AC Malandrino, FM Richert, DA Clench, ...
Trends in amplification 15 (1), 57-76
Electroacoustic verification measures with modern hearing instrument technology
SD Scollie, RC Seewald
A sound foundation through early amplification: Proceedings of the second ...
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