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Scaphoid fractures: a higher order analysis of clinical tests and application of clinical reasoning strategies
B Burrows, P Moreira, C Murphy, J Sadi, DM Walton
Manual therapy
Clinical Pressure Pain Threshold Testing in Neck Pain: Comparing Protocols, Responsiveness, and Association With Psychological Variables
DM Walton, L Levesque, M Payne, J Schick
Physical therapy 94 (6), 827-837
A systematic review of prognostic factors for return to work following work-related traumatic hand injury
Q Shi, K Sinden, JC MacDermid, D Walton, R Grewal
Journal of Hand Therapy 27 (1), 55-62
Treatment preferences amongst physical therapists and chiropractors for the management of neck pain: results of an international survey
LC Carlesso, JC MacDermid, AR Gross, DM Walton, PL Santaguida
Chiropractic & manual therapies 22 (1), 11
Exploring the clinical course of neck pain in physical therapy: a longitudinal study
DM Walton, Y Eilon-Avigdor, M Wonderham, P Wilk
Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 95 (2), 303-308
The Construct Validity and Responsiveness of Sensory Tests in Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
DKM Cheung, JC MacDermid, D Walton, R Grewal
The Open Orthopaedics Journal 8, 100
Hair-Normalized Cortisol Waking Response as a Novel Biomarker of Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Activity following Acute Trauma: A Proof-of-Concept Study with Pilot Results
DM Walton, JC MacDermid, E Russell, G Koren, S Van Uum
Pain research and treatment 2013
Psychological Care, Patient Education, Orthotics, Ergonomics and Prevention Strategies for Neck Pain: An Systematic Overview Update as Part of the ICON Project
AR Gross, F Kaplan, S Huang, M Khan, PL Santaguida, LC Carlesso, ...
Open Orthopaedics 7, 530-561
Use of Outcome Measures in Managing Neck Pain: An International Multidisciplinary Survey
JC MacDermid, DM Walton, P Cote, PL Santaguida, A Gross, L Carlesso, ...
Open Orthopaedics 7, 506-520
An Overview of Systematic Reviews on Prognostic Factors in Neck Pain: Results from the International Collaboration on Neck Pain (ICON) Project
DM Walton, LJ Carroll, H Kasch, M Sterling, AP Verhagen, JC MacDermid, ...
Open Orthopaedics 7, 494-505
Pharmacological Interventions Including Medical Injections for Neck Pain: An Overview as Part of the ICON§ Project
PM Peloso, M Khan, AR Gross, L Carlesso, L Santaguida, J Lowcock, ...
Open Orthopaedics 7, 473-493
A Description of the Methodology Used in an Overview of Reviews to Evaluate Evidence on the Treatment, Harms, Diagnosis/Classification, Prognosis and Outcomes Used in the Management of Neck Pain
PL Santaguida, H Keshavarz, LC Carlesso, M Lomotan, A Gross, ...
Open Orthopaedics 7, 461-472
An ICON Overview on Physical Modalities for Neck Pain and Associated Disorders
N Graham, AR Gross, LC Carlesso, PL Santaguida, JC MacDermid, ...
Open Orthopaedics 7, 440-460
What is the experience of receiving health care for neck pain?
JC MacDermid, DM Walton, J Miller, ICON
Open Orthopaedics 7, 428-439
What Does ‘Recovery’ Mean to People with Neck Pain? Results of a Descriptive Thematic Analysis
DM Walton, JC MacDermid, T Taylor, ICON
Open Orthopaedics 7, 420-427
Results of an International Survey of Practice Patterns for Establishing Prognosis in Neck Pain: The ICON Project
DM Walton, JC MacDermid, PL Santaguida, A Gross, L Carlesso, ICON
Open Orthopaedics 7, 387-395
Quantification of cervical spine muscle fat: a comparison between T1-weighted and multi-echo gradient echo imaging using a variable projection algorithm (VARPRO)
JM Elliott, DM Walton, A Rademaker, TB Parrish
BMC medical imaging 13 (1), 30
A brief 5-item version of the Neck Disability Index shows good psychometric properties
DM Walton, JC MacDermid
Health Qual Life Outcomes 11, 108
A Rasch analysis of the pain catastrophizing scale supports its use as an interval-level measure
DM Walton, TH Wideman, MJL Sullivan
The Clinical journal of pain 29 (6), 499-506
Risk factors for persistent problems following acute whiplash injury: update of a systematic review and meta-analysis
DM Walton, JC MacDermid, AA Giorgianni, JC Mascarenhas, SC West, ...
journal of orthopaedic & sports physical therapy 43 (2), 31-43
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