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The Role of Incentives in Nurses’ Aspirations to Management Roles
CA Wong, HKS Laschinger, K Cziraki
Journal of Nursing Administration 44 (6), 362-367
Resonant Leadership and Workplace Empowerment: The Value of Positive Organizational Cultures in Reducing Workplace Incivility
GG Cummings, AL Grau, CA Wong
NURSING 32 (1), 6
Current Issue Highlights
LM Issel
Health Care Management Review 39 (1), 1-9
657–Nurses' exposure to workplace bullying and ptsd symptomology: the protective role of intrapersonal resources
H Spence Laschinger, A Nosko, C Wong
European Psychiatry 28, 1
Exploring managers' views on span of control: more than a headcount.
CA Wong, P Elliott-Miller, H Laschinger, M Cuddihy, RM Meyer, ...
Nursing leadership (Toronto, Ont.) 27 (1), 45-61
Resonant leadership and workplace empowerment: the value of positive organizational cultures in reducing workplace incivility.
HK Laschinger, CA Wong, GG Cummings, AL Grau
Nursing economic$ 32 (1), 5-15, 44; quiz 16
Compassion satisfaction, compassion fatigue, work life conditions, and burnout among frontline mental health care professionals.
SL Ray, C Wong, D White, K Heaslip
Traumatology 19 (4), 255
Professional practice leadership roles: The role of organizational power and personal influence in creating a professional practice environment for nurses
S Lankshear, MS Kerr, HKS Laschinger, CA Wong
Health care management review 38 (4), 349-360
Workplace incivility and new graduate nurses’ mental health: the protective role of resiliency
HK Laschinger, C Wong, S Regan, C Young-Ritchie, P Bushell
Journal of Nursing Administration 43 (7/8), 415-421
Authentic leadership and nurse‐assessed adverse patient outcomes
CA Wong, L M Giallonardo
Journal of nursing management 21 (5), 740-752
The relationship between nursing leadership and patient outcomes: a systematic review update
CA Wong, GG Cummings, L Ducharme
Journal of nursing management 21 (5), 709-724
The influence of personal and workplace resources on new graduate nurses' job satisfaction
LM Pineau Stam, HK Spence Laschinger, S Regan, CA Wong
Journal of nursing management
Examining the relationships between span of control and manager job and unit performance outcomes
CA Wong, P Elliott‐Miller, H Laschinger, M Cuddihy, RM Meyer, ...
Journal of nursing management
Authentic leadership, performance, and job satisfaction: the mediating role of empowerment
CA Wong, HKS Laschinger
Journal of advanced nursing 69 (4), 947-959
Authentic leadership, empowerment and burnout: a comparison in new graduates and experienced nurses
HKS Laschinger, CA Wong, AL Grau
Journal of nursing management 21 (3), 541-552
The influence of authentic leadership and areas of worklife on work engagement of registered nurses
M Bamford, CA Wong, H Laschinger
Journal of nursing management 21 (3), 529-540
Factors influencing intentions to stay and retention of nurse managers: a systematic review
P Brown, K Fraser, CA Wong, M Muise, G Cummings
Journal of nursing management 21 (3), 459-472
Part 1: The influence of personal and situational predictors on nurses' aspirations to management roles: preliminary findings of a national survey of Canadian nurses
HK Spence Laschinger, CA Wong, S Macdonald‐Rencz, V Burkoski, ...
Journal of nursing management 21 (2), 217-230
Part 2: Nurses' career aspirations to management roles: qualitative findings from a national study of Canadian nurses
CA Wong, HK Spence Laschinger, S Macdonald‐Rencz, V Burkoski, ...
Journal of nursing management 21 (2), 231-241
The influence of authentic leadership on newly graduated nurses’ experiences of workplace bullying, burnout and retention outcomes: A cross-sectional study
HK Spence Laschinger, CA Wong, AL Grau
International journal of nursing studies 49 (10), 1266-1276
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