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Evaluation of nonlinear frequency compression: Clinical outcomes
D Glista, S Scollie, M Bagatto, R Seewald, V Parsa, A Johnson
International Journal of Audiology 48 (9), 632-644
Sublingual atropine for sialorrhea secondary to parkinsonism: a pilot study
HC Hyson, AM Johnson, MS Jog
Movement Disorders 17 (6), 1318-1320
Cumulative meta‐analysis of systemic antifungal agents for the treatment of onychomycosis
AK Gupta, JE Ryder, AM Johnson
British journal of dermatology 150 (3), 537-544
The development of an Acne Quality of Life scale: reliability, validity, and relation to subjective acne severity in mild to moderate acne vulgaris
MA Gupta, AM Johnson, AK Gupta
Behavioral genetic studies of personality: An introduction and review of the results of 50+ years of research
AM Johnson, PA Vernon, AR Feiler
The SAGE handbook of personality theory and assessment 1, 145-173
Recommendations of core competencies in genetics essential for all health professionals
J Jenkins, M Blitzer, K Boehm, S Feetham, E Gettig, A Johnson, ...
Genetics in Medicine 3 (2), 155-159
A behavior genetic investigation of the relationship between leadership and personality
AM Johnson, PA Vernon, JA Harris, KL Jang
Twin Research 7 (01), 27-32
Weight-related body image concerns among 18–24-year-old women in Canada and India: An empirical comparative study
MA Gupta, SK Chaturvedi, PC Chandarana, AM Johnson
Journal of Psychosomatic Research 50 (4), 193-198
Nonweight‐related body image concerns among female eating‐disordered patients and nonclinical controls: Some preliminary observations
MA Gupta, AM Johnson
International Journal of Eating Disorders 27 (3), 304-309
Resolution of communication breakdown in dementia of the Alzheimer's type: A longitudinal study
JB Orange, KM Van Gennep, L Miller, AM Johnson
Taylor & Francis Group 26 (1), 120-138
Visual inspection time in Parkinson’s disease: deficits in early stages of cognitive processing
AM Johnson, QJ Almeida, C Stough, JC Thompson, R Singarayer, ...
Neuropsychologia 42 (5), 577-583
Comorbidity of rosacea and depression: an analysis of the national ambulatory medical care survey and national hospital ambulatory care survey—outpatient department data collected by the US national center for health statistics from 1995 to 2002
MA Gupta, AK Gupta, SJ Chen, AM Johnson
British Journal of Dermatology 153 (6), 1176-1181
Individual differences in multiple dimensions of aggression: a univariate and multivariate genetic analysis
PA Vernon, JM McCarthy, AM Johnson, KL Jang, JA Harris
Twin research 2 (01), 16-21
Sex difference in brain nerve conduction velocity in normal humans
TE Reed, PA Vernon, AM Johnson
Neuropsychologia 42 (12), 1709-1714
A prospective study of physician-observed concussions during junior ice hockey: implications for incidence rates
PS Echlin, CH Tator, MD Cusimano, RC Cantu, JE Taunton, REG Upshur, ...
Neurosurgical focus 29 (5), E4
Memory perception and strategy use in Parkinson's disease
AM Johnson, CC Pollard, PA Vernon, JL Tomes, MS Jog
Parkinsonism & related disorders 11 (2), 111-115
Nature vs nurture: Are leaders born or made? A behavior genetic investigation of leadership style
AM Johnson, PA Vernon, JM McCarthy, M Molson, JA Harris, KL Jang
Twin research 1 (04), 216-223
An exploration of the burden experienced by spousal caregivers of individuals with Parkinson's disease
KP Roland, ME Jenkins, AM Johnson
Movement disorders 25 (2), 189-193
Phenotypic and genetic relationships between vocational interests and personality
JA Harris, PA Vernon, AM Johnson, KL Jang
Personality and Individual Differences 40 (8), 1531-1541
A prospective study of physician-observed concussion during a varsity university hockey season: white matter integrity in ice hockey players. Part 3 of 4
IK Koerte, D Kaufmann, E Hartl, S Bouix, O Pasternak, M Kubicki, ...
Neurosurgical focus 33 (6), E3
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