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The “shopping basket”: A model for multicategory purchase incidence decisions
P Manchanda, A Ansari, S Gupta
Marketing Science 18 (2), 95-114
The effect of banner advertising on internet purchasing
P Manchanda, JP Dubé, KY Goh, PK Chintagunta
Journal of Marketing Research 43 (1), 98-108
Response modeling with nonrandom marketing-mix variables
P Manchanda, PE Rossi, PK Chintagunta
Journal of Marketing Research 41 (4), 467-478
An empirical model of advertising dynamics
JP Dubé, GJ Hitsch, P Manchanda
Quantitative marketing and economics 3 (2), 107-144
Temporal differences in the role of marketing communication in new product categories
S Narayanan, P Manchanda, PK Chintagunta
Journal of Marketing Research 42 (3), 278-290
Asymmetric social interactions in physician prescription behavior: The role of opinion leaders
HS Nair, P Manchanda, T Bhatia
Journal of Marketing Research 47 (5), 883-895
The role of targeted communication and contagion in product adoption
P Manchanda, Y Xie, N Youn
Marketing Science 27 (6), 961-976
Measuring heterogeneous reservation prices for product bundles
K Jedidi, S Jagpal, P Manchanda
Marketing Science 22 (1), 107-130
The dynamic effect of innovation on market structure
HJ Van Heerde, CF Mela, P Manchanda
Journal of Marketing Research 41 (2), 166-183
Effects and Role of Direct-to-Physician Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry: An Integrative Review, The
P Manchanda, E Honka
Yale J. Health Pol'y L. & Ethics 5, 785
Modeling social interactions: Identification, empirical methods and policy implications
WR Hartmann, P Manchanda, H Nair, M Bothner, P Dodds, D Godes, ...
Marketing letters 19 (3-4), 287-304
Heterogeneous learning and the targeting of marketing communication for new products
S Narayanan, P Manchanda
Marketing Science 28 (3), 424-441
Responsiveness of physician prescription behavior to salesforce effort: An individual level analysis
P Manchanda, PK Chintagunta
Marketing Letters 15 (2-3), 129-145
Differences in dynamic brand competition across markets: An empirical analysis
JP Dubé, P Manchanda
Marketing Science 24 (1), 81-95
Irrelevant information and mediated intertemporal choice
SMJ Van Osselaer, JW Alba, P Manchanda
Journal of Consumer Psychology 14 (3), 257-270
Understanding firm, physician and consumer choice behavior in the pharmaceutical industry
P Manchanda, DR Wittink, A Ching, P Cleanthous, M Ding, XJ Dong, ...
Marketing Letters 16 (3-4), 293-308
Bayesian analysis of random coefficient logit models using aggregate data
R Jiang, P Manchanda, PE Rossi
Journal of Econometrics 149 (2), 136-148
The effect of signal quality and contiguous word of mouth on customer acquisition for a video-on-demand service
S Nam, P Manchanda, PK Chintagunta
Marketing Science 29 (4), 690-700
Marketing activity, blogging and sales
H Onishi, P Manchanda
International Journal of Research in Marketing 29 (3), 221-234
Quantifying the benefits of individual-level targeting in the presence of firm strategic behavior
X Dong, P Manchanda, PK Chintagunta
Journal of Marketing Research 46 (2), 207-221
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