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The evolutionary bases of consumption
G Saad
Psychology Press
Gender differences in information search strategies for a Christmas gift
M Laroche, G Saad, M Cleveland, E Browne
Journal of Consumer Marketing 17 (6), 500-522
Exploring the h-index at the author and journal levels using bibliometric data of productive consumer scholars and business-related journals respectively
G Saad
Scientometrics 69 (1), 117-120
Applications of evolutionary psychology in marketing
G Saad, T Gill
Psychology and Marketing 17 (12), 1005-1034
Applying evolutionary psychology in understanding the representation of women in advertisements
G Saad
Psychology & Marketing 21 (8), 593-612
Stopping criteria in sequential choice
G Saad, JE Russo
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 67 (3), 258-270
An evolutionary psychology perspective on gift giving among young adults
G Saad, T Gill
Psychology & Marketing 20 (9), 765-784
The effect of conspicuous consumption on men’s testosterone levels
G Saad, JG Vongas
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 110 (2), 80-92
Sex Differences in the ultimatum game: An evolutionary psychology perspective
G Saad, T Gill
Journal of Bioeconomics 3 (2-3), 171-193
Testosterone and domain-specific risk: Digit ratios (2D: 4D and< i> rel</i> 2) as predictors of recreational, financial, and social risk-taking behaviors
E Stenstrom, G Saad, MV Nepomuceno, Z Mendenhall
Personality and Individual Differences 51 (4), 412-416
A cross-cultural study of in-store information search strategies for a Christmas gift
M Laroche, G Saad, C Kim, E Browne
Journal of Business Research 49 (2), 113-126
Applying Darwinian principles in designing effective intervention strategies: The case of sun tanning
G Saad, A Peng
Psychology & Marketing 23 (7), 617-638
Applying evolutionary psychology in understanding the Darwinian roots of consumption phenomena
G Saad
Managerial and Decision Economics 27 (2‐3), 189-201
Déterminants of In‐store Information Search Stratégies Pertaining to a Christmas Gift Purchase
M Laroche, G Saad, E Browne, M Cleveland, C Kim
Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences/Revue Canadienne des Sciences de ...
The consuming instinct: What juicy burgers, Ferraris, pornography, and gift giving reveal about human nature
G Saad
Prometheus Books
Evolutionary neuromarketing: Darwinizing the neuroimaging paradigm for consumer behavior
JR Garcia, G Saad
Journal of Consumer Behaviour 7 (4‐5), 397-414
Are laterborns more innovative and nonconforming consumers than firstborns? A Darwinian perspective
G Saad, T Gill, R Nataraajan
Journal of Business Research 58 (7), 902-909
The effects of a recipient's gender in a modified dictator game
G Saad, T Gill
Applied Economics Letters 8 (7), 463-466
Calories, beauty, and ovulation: The effects of the menstrual cycle on food and appearance-related consumption
G Saad, E Stenstrom
Journal of Consumer Psychology 22 (1), 102-113
The interdisciplinarity of evolutionary approaches to human behavior: a key to survival in the ivory archipelago
JR Garcia, G Geher, B Crosier, G Saad, D Gambacorta, L Johnsen, ...
Futures 43 (8), 749-761
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