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Low Income in Census Metropolitan Areas: 1980-2000
A Heisz, L McLeod
Statistics Canada, Business and Labour Market Analysis Division
Cigarette taxes and older adult smoking: evidence from recent large tax increases
P DeCicca, L McLeod
Journal of health economics 27 (4), 918-929
Physical activity and health outcomes: evidence from Canada
BR Humphreys, L McLeod, JE Ruseski
Health economics 23 (1), 33-54
Les faibles revenus dans les régions métropolitaines de recensement
A Heisz
diverses, 61
Financial burden of household out-of-pocket expenditures for prescription drugs: cross-sectional analysis based on national survey data
L McLeod, BG Bereza, M Shim, P Grootendorst
Open Medicine 5 (1), e1
The dynamics of food insecurity and overall health: evidence from the Canadian National Population Health Survey
L McLeod, M Veall
Applied Economics 38 (18), 2131-2146
Willingness‐to‐pay for parallel private health insurance: evidence from a laboratory experiment
NJ Buckley, K Cuff, J Hurley, L McLeod, R Nuscheler, D Cameron
Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d'économique 45 (1), 137-166
An investigation of cancer incidence in a First Nations community in Alberta, Canada, 1995–2006
W Drobina, L McLeod, L Panaro, S Sihota, J Tustin, W Yacoub
Chronic diseases in Canada 30 (4)
Using a research-led approach to informing retention strategies for students from low income and lower socio-economic groups
V Johnston, L McLeod, G Small
Amsterdam: Presented at the 12th European Access Network Conference
An experimental investigation of mixed systems of public and private health care finance
NJ Buckley, K Cuff, J Hurley, L McLeod, S Mestelman, D Cameron
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 84 (3), 713-729
The dynamics of food deprivation and overall health: evidence from the Canadian National Population Health Survey
LC McLeod, MR Veall
IZA Discussion Paper
115 Preface to the Canadian Health Measures Survey results–Oral health statistics, 2007–2009
P Cooney, R Deonandan, I Burstyn, F Sithole, L Zwaigenbaum, ...
Oral health 2007, 119
Longitudinal Relationship between Participation in Physical Activity and Health
L McLeod, JE Ruseski
University of Alberta
Willingness-to-pay for Parallel Private Health Insurance: Canadian Evidence from A Laboratory Experiment
NK Buckley, J Cuff, J Hurley, L McLeod, R Nuscheler, D Cameron
Canadian Journal of Economics 45 (1), 137-166
A conceptual framework identifying sources of risk to patient safety in primary care
L McLeod, JA Kingston-Riechers, E Jonsson
Australian journal of primary health 18 (3), 185-189
A nonparametric vs. latent class model of general practitioner utilization: Evidence from Canada
L McLeod
Journal of health economics 30 (6), 1261-1279
L McLeod
JUNE 8-9TH 2011
BR Humphreys, L McLeod, JE Ruseskiz
Enquête sur l’incidence du cancer dans une communauté des Premières nations de l’Alberta (Canada) entre 1995 et 2006
A Colquhoun, Z Jiang, M Math, G Maiangowi, F Ashbury, Y Chen, ...
Maladies chroniques au Canada 30 (4)
The Effect of Physician Supply on the Mix of Generalist and Specialist Services Used
L McLeod
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