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Recovery from alcohol problems with and without treatment: prevalence in two population surveys.
LC Sobell, JA Cunningham, MB Sobell
American journal of public health 86 (7), 966-972
Barriers to treatment: Why alcohol and drug abusers delay or never seek treatment
JA Cunningham, LC Sobell, MB Sobell, S Agrawal, T Toneatto
Addictive Behaviors 18 (3), 347-353
A relationship between perceived self-efficacy and quality of life in cancer patients
AJ Cunningham, GA Lockwood, JA Cunningham
Patient education and counseling 17 (1), 71-78
Toward a stepped care approach to treating problem drinkers: the predictive utility of within‐treatment variables and therapist prognostic ratings
FC Breslin, MB Sobell, LC Sobell, G Buchan, JA Cunningham
Addiction 92 (11), 1479-1489
Providing personalized assessment feedback for problem drinking on the Internet: a pilot project
JA Cunningham, K Humphreys, A Koski-Jšnnes
Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 61 (6), 794
Fostering self-change among problem drinkers: A proactive community intervention
LC Sobell, JA Cunningham, MB Sobell, S Agrawal, DR Gavin, GI Leo, ...
Addictive Behaviors 21 (6), 817-833
Does stage-of-change predict dropout in a culturally diverse sample of adolescents admitted to inpatient substance-abuse treatment? A test of the Transtheoretical Model
RC Callaghan, A Hathaway, JA Cunningham, LC Vettese, S Wyatt, ...
Addictive Behaviors 30 (9), 1834-1847
Only one in three people with alcohol abuse or dependence ever seek treatment
JA Cunningham, FC Breslin
Addictive behaviors 29 (1), 221-223
Alcohol and drug abusers' reasons for seeking treatment
JA Cunningham, LC Sobell, MB Sobell, J Gaskin
Addictive Behaviors 19 (6), 691-696
Promoting Self‐Change With Alcohol Abusers: A Community‐Level Mail Intervention Based on Natural Recovery Studies
LC Sobell, MB Sobell, GI Leo, S Agrawal, L Johnson‐Young, ...
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 26 (6), 936-948
Resolving alcohol-related problems with and without treatment: The effects of different problem criteria
JA Cunningham
Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 60 (4), 463
What's in a label? The effects of substance types and labels on treatment considerations and stigma
JA Cunningham, LC Sobell, V Chow
Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 54 (6), 693
A randomized controlled trial of an internet‐based intervention for alcohol abusers
JA Cunningham, TC Wild, J Cordingley, T Van Mierlo, K Humphreys
Addiction 104 (12), 2023-2032
Untreated remissions from drug use:: the predominant pathway
JA Cunningham
Addictive Behaviors 24 (2), 267-270
Factors associated with untreated remissions from alcohol abuse or dependence
JA Cunningham, E Lin, HE Ross, GW Walsh
Addictive behaviors 25 (2), 317-321
Little use of treatment among problem gamblers
JA Cunningham
Psychiatric Services 56 (8), 1024-a-1025
Assessing motivation for change: Preliminary development and evaluation of a scale measuring the costs and benefits of changing alcohol or drug use.
JA Cunningham, LC Sobell, DR Gavin, MB Sobell, FC Breslin
Psychology of Addictive Behaviors 11 (2), 107
Resolution from alcohol problems with and without treatment: reasons for change
JA Cunningham, LC Sobell, MB Sobell, G Kapur
Journal of substance abuse 7 (3), 365-372
Social pressure, coercion, and client engagement at treatment entry: A self-determination theory perspective
TC Wild, JA Cunningham, RM Ryan
Addictive Behaviors 31 (10), 1858-1872
A social marketing model for disseminating research‐based treatments to addictions treatment providers
GW Martin, MA Herie, BJ Turner, JA Cunningham
Addiction 93 (11), 1703-1715
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