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Expression analysis of four long noncoding RNAs in breast cancer
M Iranpour, M Soudyab, L Geranpayeh, R Mirfakhraie, E Azargashb, ...
Tumor Biology 37 (3), 2933-2940, 2016
High prevalence of AZFb microdeletion in Iranian patients with idiopathic non-obstructive azoospermia
R Mirfakhraie, F Mirzajani, SM Kalantar, M Montazeri, N Salsabili, ...
Indian J Med Res 132 (3), 265-70, 2010
Expression analysis of two cancer-testis genes, FBXO39 and TDRD4, in breast cancer tissues and cell lines
M Seifi-Alan, R Shamsi, S Ghafouri-Fard, R Mirfakhraie, D Zare-Abdollahi, ...
Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention 14 (11), 6625-6629, 2013
First Study of CF Mutations in the CFTR Gene of Iranian Patients: Detection of F508, G542X, W1282X, A120T, R117H, and R347H Mutations
M Jalalirad, M Houshmand, R Mirfakhraie, MH Goharbari, F Mirzajani
Journal of tropical pediatrics 50 (6), 359-361, 2004
MiRNA-Related Polymorphisms in miR-146a and TCF21 Are Associated with Increased Susceptibility to Coronary Artery Disease in an Iranian Population
M Bastami, SMH Ghaderian, MD Omrani, R Mirfakhraie, H Vakili, ...
Genetic testing and molecular biomarkers 20 (5), 241-248, 2016
Glutamate receptor, metabotropic 7 (GRM7) gene variations and susceptibility to autism: A case–control study
R Noroozi, M Taheri, A Movafagh, R Mirfakhraie, G Solgi, A Sayad, ...
Autism Research 9 (11), 1161-1168, 2016
Comparative expression analysis of hypoxia‐inducible factor‐alpha and its natural occurring antisense in breast cancer tissues and adjacent noncancerous tissues
B Tasharrofi, M Soudyab, E Nikpayam, M Iranpour, R Mirfakhraie, ...
Cell biochemistry and function 34 (8), 572-578, 2016
RAR-related orphan receptor A (RORA): A new susceptibility gene for multiple sclerosis
MM Eftekharian, R Noroozi, A Sayad, S Sarrafzadeh, M Toghi, T Azimi, ...
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Expression study and clinical correlations of MYC and CCAT2 in breast cancer patients
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Iranian biomedical journal 21 (5), 303, 2017
RIT2, a susceptibility gene for Parkinson's disease in Iranian population.
B Emamalizadeh, A Movafagh, M Akbari, S Kazeminasab, A Fazeli, ...
Neurobiology of aging 35 (12), e27, 2014
A novel mutation in the transactivation‐regulating domain of the androgen receptor in a patient with azoospermia
R Mirfakhraie, SM Kalantar, F Mirzajani, M Montazeri, N Salsabili, ...
Journal of andrology 32 (4), 367-370, 2011
Expression analysis of long non-coding ATB and its putative target in breast cancer
E Nikpayam, M Soudyab, B Tasharrofi, S Sarrafzadeh, M Iranpour, ...
Breast disease 37 (1), 11-20, 2017
Lactobacilli differentially modulate mTOR and Wnt/β-catenin pathways in different cancer cell lines
Z Taherian-Esfahani, A Abedin-Do, Z Nouri, R Mirfakhraie, ...
Iranian journal of cancer prevention 9 (3), 2016
TRAIL gene expression analysis in multiple sclerosis patients
M Taheri, S Nemati, A Movafagh, M Saberi, R Mirfakhraie, MM Eftekharian, ...
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Bioinformatics prioritization of SNPs perturbing microRNA regulation of hematological malignancy-implicated genes
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Association of increased levels of lncRNA H19 in PBMCs with risk of coronary artery disease
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Lactobacilli modulate hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF)-1 regulatory pathway in triple negative breast cancer cell line
A Esfandiary, Z Taherian-Esfahani, A Abedin-Do, R Mirfakhraie, ...
Cell Journal (Yakhteh) 18 (2), 237, 2016
The study of MED12 gene mutations in uterine leiomyomas from Iranian patients
S Sadeghi, M Khorrami, M Amin-Beidokhti, M Abbasi, Z Kamalian, S Irani, ...
Tumor Biology 37 (2), 1567-1571, 2016
Prognostic and predictive value of copy number alterations in invasive breast cancer as determined by multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification
S Tabarestani, SMH Ghaderian, H Rezvani, R Mirfakhraie, A Ebrahimi, ...
Cellular Oncology 37 (2), 107-118, 2014
SOCS gene family expression profile in the blood of multiple sclerosis patients
M Toghi, M Taheri, S Arsang-Jang, M Ohadi, R Mirfakhraie, M Mazdeh, ...
Journal of the neurological sciences 375, 481-485, 2017
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