Yonathan Anahory
Yonathan Anahory
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A scanning superconducting quantum interference device with single electron spin sensitivity
D Vasyukov, Y Anahory, L Embon, D Halbertal, J Cuppens, L Neeman, ...
Nature nanotechnology 8 (9), 639-644, 2013
Imaging of super-fast dynamics and flow instabilities of superconducting vortices
L Embon, Y Anahory, ŽL Jelić, EO Lachman, Y Myasoedov, ME Huber, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 85, 2017
Nanoscale thermal imaging of dissipation in quantum systems
D Halbertal, J Cuppens, MB Shalom, L Embon, N Shadmi, Y Anahory, ...
Nature 539 (7629), 407-410, 2016
Visualization of superparamagnetic dynamics in magnetic topological insulators
EO Lachman, AF Young, A Richardella, J Cuppens, HR Naren, Y Anahory, ...
Science advances 1 (10), e1500740, 2015
Probing dynamics and pinning of single vortices in superconductors at nanometer scales
L Embon, Y Anahory, A Suhov, D Halbertal, J Cuppens, A Yakovenko, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 7598, 2015
Emergent nanoscale superparamagnetism at oxide interfaces
Y Anahory, L Embon, CJ Li, S Banerjee, A Meltzer, HR Naren, ...
Nature Communications 7 (1), 12566, 2016
SQUID-on-tip with single-electron spin sensitivity for high-field and ultra-low temperature nanomagnetic imaging
Y Anahory, HR Naren, EO Lachman, SB Sinai, A Uri, L Embon, E Yaakobi, ...
Nanoscale 12 (5), 3174-3182, 2020
Synthesis and characterization of single-layer silver− decanethiolate lamellar crystals
L Hu, LP de la Rama, MY Efremov, Y Anahory, F Schiettekatte, LH Allen
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (12), 4367-4376, 2011
Three-junction SQUID-on-tip with tunable in-plane and out-of-plane magnetic field sensitivity
Y Anahory, J Reiner, L Embon, D Halbertal, A Yakovenko, Y Myasoedov, ...
Nano letters 14 (11), 6481-6487, 2014
Replenish and relax: Explaining logarithmic annealing in ion-implanted c-Si
LK Béland, Y Anahory, D Smeets, M Guihard, P Brommer, JF Joly, ...
Physical review letters 111 (10), 105502, 2013
Dependence of the structural relaxation of amorphous silicon on implantation temperature
JF Mercure, R Karmouch, Y Anahory, S Roorda, F Schiettekatte
Physical Review B 71 (13), 134205, 2005
Direct Observation of a Superconducting Vortex Diode
A Gutfreund, H Matsuki, V Plastovets, A Noah, L Gorzawski, N Fridman, ...
Nature Communications 14, 1630, 2023
Damage evolution in low-energy ion implanted silicon
R Karmouch, Y Anahory, JF Mercure, D Bouilly, M Chicoine, G Bentoumi, ...
Physical Review B 75 (7), 075304, 2007
Observation of superparamagnetism in coexistence with quantum anomalous Hall C = ±1 and C = 0 Chern states
EO Lachman, M Mogi, J Sarkar, A Uri, K Bagani, Y Anahory, Y Myasoedov, ...
npj Quantum Materials 2 (1), 70, 2017
Electrically tunable multiterminal SQUID-on-tip
A Uri, AY Meltzer, Y Anahory, L Embon, EO Lachman, D Halbertal, N Hr, ...
Nano Letters 16 (11), 6910-6915, 2016
Nano-sized SQUID-on-tip for scanning probe microscopy
A Finkler, D Vasyukov, Y Segev, L Neeman, Y Anahory, Y Myasoedov, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 400 (5), 052004, 2012
Formation of Pd2Si on single-crystalline Si (100) at ultrafast heating rates: An in-situ analysis by nanocalorimetry
M Molina-Ruiz, AF Lopeandía, M González-Silveira, Y Anahory, ...
Applied physics letters 102 (14), 2013
Fabrication, characterization and modeling of single-crystal thin film calorimeter sensors
Y Anahory, M Guihard, D Smeets, R Karmouch, F Schiettekatte, ...
Thermochimica acta 510 (1-2), 126-136, 2010
Tunable exchange bias in the magnetic Weyl semimetal
A Noah, F Toric, TD Feld, G Zissman, A Gutfreund, D Tsruya, TR Devidas, ...
Physical Review B 105 (14), 144423, 2022
Observation of a gel of quantum vortices in a superconductor at very low magnetic fields
JB Llorens, L Embon, A Correa, JD González, E Herrera, I Guillamón, ...
Physical review research 2 (1), 013329, 2020
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