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High internal electric field in a graded-width InGaN/GaN quantum well: Accurate determination by time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy
P Lefebvre, A Morel, M Gallart, T Taliercio, J Allègre, B Gil, H Mathieu, ...
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P Perlin, J Camassel, W Knap, T Taliercio, JC Chervin, T Suski, I Grzegory, ...
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T Bretagnon, P Lefebvre, T Guillet, T Taliercio, B Gil, C Morhain
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R Bardoux, T Guillet, P Lefebvre, T Taliercio, T Bretagnon, S Rousset, ...
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Photoluminescence energy and linewidth in GaN/AlN stackings of quantum dot planes
S Kalliakos, T Bretagnon, P Lefebvre, T Taliercio, B Gil, N Grandjean, ...
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S Kalliakos, P Lefebvre, T Taliercio
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T Taliercio, VN Guilengui, L Cerutti, E Tournié, JJ Greffet
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FB Barho, F Gonzalez-Posada, MJ Milla-Rodrigo, M Bomers, L Cerutti, ...
Optics express 24 (14), 16175-16190, 2016
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