Dimitrios Vytiniotis
Dimitrios Vytiniotis
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Broom: Sweeping out garbage collection from big data systems
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Biodegradable oxidized cellulose esters
V Kumar, Y Dong
US Patent 7,595,392, 2009
Testing noninterference, quickly
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HLIO: Mixing static and dynamic typing for information-flow control in Haskell
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Equality proofs and deferred type errors: A compiler pearl
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FPH: First-class polymorphism for Haskell
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An open and shut typecase
D Vytiniotis, G Washburn, S Weirich
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Rhea: automatic filtering for unstructured cloud storage
C Gkantsidis, D Vytiniotis, O Hodson, D Narayanan, F Dinu, A Rowstron
Presented as part of the 10th {USENIX} Symposium on Networked Systems Design …, 2013
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