Pedro Montoya
Pedro Montoya
Research Institute of Health Sciences, University of Balearic Islands
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Activation of cortical and cerebellar motor areas during executed and imagined hand movements: an fMRI study
M Lotze, P Montoya, M Erb, E Hülsmann, H Flor, U Klose, N Birbaumer, ...
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 11 (5), 491-501, 1999
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N Birbaumer, W Lutzenberger, P Montoya, W Larbig, K Unertl, S Töpfner, ...
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Influence of social support and emotional context on pain processing and magnetic brain responses in fibromyalgia
P Montoya, W Larbig, C Braun, H Preissl, N Birbaumer
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Neurofeedback and brain–computer interface: clinical applications
N Birbaumer, AR Murguialday, C Weber, P Montoya
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Heartbeat evoked potentials (HEP): topography and influence of cardiac awareness and focus of attention
P Montoya, R Schandry, A Müller
Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology/Evoked Potentials …, 1993
Disrupted functional connectivity of the pain network in fibromyalgia
I Cifre, C Sitges, D Fraiman, MÁ Muñoz, P Balenzuela, ...
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The cortical somatotopic map and phantom phenomena in subjects with congenital limb atrophy and traumatic amputees with phantom limb pain
P Montoya, K Ritter, E Huse, W Larbig, C Braun, S Töpfner, ...
European Journal of Neuroscience 10 (3), 1095-1102, 1998
Behavioral and neurophysiological evidence for altered processing of anxiety-related words in panic disorder.
P Pauli, W Dengler, G Wiedemann, P Montoya, H Flor, N Birbaumer, ...
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On the relation between cardiodynamics and heartbeat perception
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P Montoya, W Larbig, N Grulke, H Flor, E Taub, N Birbaumer
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M Martínez‐Jauand, C Sitges, V Rodriguez, A Picornell, M Ramon, ...
European Journal of Pain 17 (1), 16-27, 2013
Event-related brain potentials and the processing of cardiac activity
R Schandry, P Montoya
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Low spatial frequency filtering modulates early brain processing of affective complex pictures
C Alorda, I Serrano-Pedraza, JJ Campos-Bueno, V Sierra-Vázquez, ...
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Reduced brain habituation to somatosensory stimulation in patients with fibromyalgia
P Montoya, C Sitges, M García‐Herrera, A Rodríguez‐Cotes, R Izquierdo, ...
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C Walteros, JP Sánchez-Navarro, MA Muñoz, JM Martínez-Selva, ...
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Baroreceptor cortical effects, emotions and pain
A Mini, H Rau, P Montoya, D Palomba, N Birbaumer
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Covariation bias in panic-prone individuals.
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B Carretero, MJ Martín, A Juan, ML Pradana, B Martín, M Carral, T Jimeno, ...
Pain medicine 10 (4), 748-753, 2009
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