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Reduced graphene oxide wrapped FeS nanocomposite for lithium-ion battery anode with improved performance
L Fei, Q Lin, B Yuan, G Chen, P Xie, Y Li, Y Xu, S Deng, S Smirnov, H Luo
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High Capacity MoO2/Graphite Oxide Composite Anode for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Y Xu, R Yi, B Yuan, X Wu, M Dunwell, Q Lin, L Fei, S Deng, P Andersen, ...
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G Chen, SS Liaw, B Li, Y Xu, M Dunwell, S Deng, H Fan, H Luo
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Two-Dimensional V2O5 Sheet Network as Electrode for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Y Xu, M Dunwell, L Fei, E Fu, Q Lin, B Patterson, B Yuan, S Deng, ...
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Instant gelation synthesis of 3D porous MoS 2@ C nanocomposites for lithium ion batteries
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Porous TiO 2 Conformal Coating on Carbon Nanotubes as Energy Storage Materials
Litao Yan, Yun Xu, Meng Zhou, Gen Chen, Shuguang Deng, Sergei Smirnov ...
Electrochimica Acta, 2015
A-site compositional effects in Ga-doped hollandite materials of the form Ba x Cs y Ga 2x+ y Ti 8− 2x− y O 16: implications for Cs immobilization in crystalline ceramic waste forms
Y Xu, Y Wen, R Grote, J Amoroso, LS Nickles, KS Brinkman
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-8, 2016
A facile microwave-assisted route to Co (OH) 2 and Co3O4 nanosheet for Li-ion battery
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G Chen, R Rodriguez, L Fei, Y Xu, S Deng, S Smirnov, H Luo
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Dielectric function of LaAlO3 from 0.8 to 6 eV between 77 and 700 K
C Marie Nelson, M Spies, LS Abdallah, S Zollner, Y Xu, H Luo
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 30 (6 …, 2012
Nickel substituted LiMn 2 O 4 cathode with durable high-rate capability for Li-ion batteries
Y Xu, G Chen, E Fu, M Zhou, M Dunwell, L Fei, S Deng, P Andersen, ...
Rsc Advances 3 (40), 18441-18445, 2013
A novel solvent-free thermal reaction of ferrocene and sulfur for one-step synthesis of iron sulfide and carbon nanocomposites and their electrochemical performance
L Fei, Y Jiang, Y Xu, G Chen, Y Li, X Xu, S Deng, H Luo
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Structural Evolution in Hollandite Solid Solutions Across the A‐Site Compositional Range from Ba1.33Ga2.66Ti5.34O16 to Cs1.33Ga1.33Ti6.67O16
Y Xu, M Feygenson, K Page, LS Nickles, KS Brinkman
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Structure and magnetotransport properties of epitaxial nanocomposite La0.67Ca0.33MnO3:SrTiO3 thin films grown by a chemical solution approach
L Fei, L Zhu, X Cheng, H Wang, SM Baber, J Hill, Q Lin, Y Xu, S Deng, ...
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L Fei, Q Lin, B Yuan, M Naeemi, Y Xu, Y Li, S Deng, H Luo
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ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (44), 38558-38564, 2018
A general polymer-assisted solution approach to grow transition metal oxide nanostructures directly on nickel foam as anodes for Li-ion batteries
Y Xu, L Fei, E Fu, B Yuan, J Hill, Y Chen, S Deng, P Andersen, Y Wang, ...
Journal of power sources 242, 604-609, 2013
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