Kornsorn Srikulnath
Kornsorn Srikulnath
Laboratory of Animal Cytogenetics & Comparative Genomics Department of Genetics, Faculty of Science
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Karyotypic evolution in squamate reptiles: comparative gene mapping revealed highly conserved linkage homology between the butterfly lizard (Leiolepis reevesii rubritaeniata …
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Molecular barcoding of venomous snakes and species-specific multiplex PCR assay to identify snake groups for which antivenom is available in Thailand
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Karyotype reorganization in the Hokou Gecko (Gekko hokouensis, Gekkonidae): the process of microchromosome disappearance in Gekkota
K Srikulnath, Y Uno, C Nishida, H Ota, Y Matsuda
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Classification of garlic cultivars using an electronic nose
S Trirongjitmoah, Z Juengmunkong, K Srikulnath, P Somboon
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Chromosomal localization of the 18S-28S and 5S rRNA genes and (TTAGGG) n sequences of butterfly lizards (Leiolepis belliana belliana and Leiolepis boehmei, Agamidae, Squamata)
K Srikulnath, Y Uno, K Matsubara, A Thongpan, S Suputtitada, ...
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Highly species-specific centromeric repetitive DNA sequences in lizards: molecular cytogenetic characterization of a novel family of satellite DNA sequences isolated from the …
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Molecular cloning and characterization of satellite DNA sequences from constitutive heterochromatin of the habu snake (Protobothrops flavoviridis, Viperidae) and the Burmese …
K Matsubara, Y Uno, K Srikulnath, R Seki, C Nishida, Y Matsuda
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Two types of alpha satellite DNA in distinct chromosomal locations in Azara's owl monkey
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Chromosome map of the Siamese cobra: did partial synteny of sex chromosomes in the amniote represent “a hypothetical ancestral super-sex chromosome” or random distribution?
W Singchat, RE O’Connor, P Tawichasri, A Suntronpong, ...
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New haplotype of the complete mitochondrial genome of Crocodylus siamensis and its species-specific DNA markers: distinguishing C. siamensis from C. porosus in Thailand
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N Laopichienpong, N Muangmai, A Supikamolseni, P Twilprawat, ...
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Genomic alteration in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) cell lines inferred from karyotyping, molecular cytogenetics, and Array comparative genomic hybridization
W Singchat, E Hitakomate, B Rerkarmnuaychoke, A Suntronpong, B Fu, ...
PloS one 11 (8), e0160901, 2016
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