Xiaojuan Hao
Xiaojuan Hao
Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO
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Synthesis of various glycopolymer architectures via RAFT polymerization: from block copolymers to stars
J Bernard, X Hao, TP Davis, C Barner-Kowollik, MH Stenzel
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Degradation on polyacrylamides. Part I. Linear polyacrylamide
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Engineering hollow polyhedrons structured from carbon-coated CoSe 2 nanospheres bridged by CNTs with boosted sodium storage performance
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Dendrimers as scaffolds for multifunctional reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer agents: Syntheses and polymerization
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Reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer polymerization of sterically hindered monomers: Toward welldefined rod/coil architectures
Z Szablan, AA Toy, TP Davis, X Hao, MH Stenzel, C BarnerKowollik
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Gelatin-based photocurable hydrogels for corneal wound repair
L Li, C Lu, L Wang, M Chen, J White, X Hao, KM McLean, H Chen, ...
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Determination of nanoparticle vehicle unpackaging by MR imaging of a T2 magnetic relaxation switch
IK Park, CP Ng, J Wang, B Chu, C Yuan, S Zhang, SH Pun
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Applications of ruthenium complex in tumor diagnosis and therapy
K Lin, ZZ Zhao, HB Bo, XJ Hao, JQ Wang
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PhotoModulated Therapeutic Protein Release from a Hydrogel Depot Using Visible Light
JS Basuki, F Qie, X Mulet, R Suryadinata, AV Vashi, YY Peng, L Li, X Hao, ...
Angewandte Chemie 129 (4), 986-991, 2017
Fullerene/ Photosensitizer Nanovesicles as Highly Efficient and Clearable Phototheranostics with Enhanced Tumor Accumulation for Cancer Therapy
CS 6. Mirong Guan, Jiechao Ge, Jingyi Wu, Guoqiang Zhang, Daiqin Chen, Wei ...
Biomaterials, 2016
Water-dispersible magnetic carbon nanotubes as T2-weighted MRI contrast agents
Y Liu, TC Hughes, BW Muir, LJ Waddington, TR Gengenbach, CD Easton, ...
Biomaterials 35 (1), 378-386, 2014
Functionalised polysiloxanes as injectable, in situ curable accommodating intraocular lenses
X Hao, JL Jeffery, JS Wilkie, GF Meijs, AB Clayton, JD Watling, A Ho, ...
Biomaterials 31 (32), 8153-8163, 2010
Cellular carbon-wrapped FeSe 2 nanocavities with ultrathin walls and multiple rooms for ion diffusion-confined ultrafast sodium storage
Y Tang, Z Zhao, X Hao, Y Wei, H Zhang, Y Dong, Y Wang, X Pan, Y Hou, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (9), 4469-4479, 2019
Porous, functional, poly (styrene-co-divinylbenzene) monoliths by RAFT polymerization
KJ Barlow, X Hao, TC Hughes, OE Hutt, A Polyzos, KA Turner, G Moad
Polymer Chemistry 5 (3), 722-732, 2014
Molecular composite materials formed from block copolymers containing a side-chain liquid crystalline segment and an amorphous styrene/maleic anhydride segment
X Hao, MH Stenzel, C Barner-Kowollik, TP Davis, E Evans
Polymer 45 (22), 7401-7415, 2004
High refractive index polysiloxane as injectable, in situ curable accommodating intraocular lens
X Hao, JL Jeffery, TPT Le, G McFarland, G Johnson, RJ Mulder, Q Garrett, ...
Biomaterials 33 (23), 5659-5671, 2012
Living freeradical polymerization (reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer) of 6[4(4′methoxyphenyl) phenoxy] hexyl methacrylate: A route to architectural control …
X Hao, JPA Heuts, C BarnerKowollik, TP Davis, E Evans
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 41 (19), 2949-2963, 2003
Graphene oxide liquid crystal Pickering emulsions and their assemblies
W Wan, Z Zhao, TC Hughes, B Qian, S Peng, X Hao, J Qiu
Carbon 85, 16-23, 2015
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