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Dressed collective qubit states and the Tavis-Cummings model in circuit QED
JM Fink, R Bianchetti, M Baur, M Göppl, L Steffen, S Filipp, PJ Leek, ...
Physical review letters 103 (8), 083601, 2009
Implementation of a Toffoli gate with superconducting circuits
A Fedorov, L Steffen, M Baur, MP da Silva, A Wallraff
Nature 481 (7380), 170, 2012
Observation of resonant photon blockade at microwave frequencies using correlation function measurements
C Lang, D Bozyigit, C Eichler, L Steffen, JM Fink, AA Abdumalikov Jr, ...
Physical review letters 106 (24), 243601, 2011
Coplanar waveguide resonators for circuit quantum electrodynamics
M Göppl, A Fragner, M Baur, R Bianchetti, S Filipp, JM Fink, PJ Leek, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 104 (11), 113904, 2008
Antibunching of microwave-frequency photons observed in correlation measurements using linear detectors
D Bozyigit, C Lang, L Steffen, JM Fink, C Eichler, M Baur, R Bianchetti, ...
Nature Physics 7 (2), 154, 2011
Two-qubit state tomography using a joint dispersive readout
S Filipp, P Maurer, PJ Leek, M Baur, R Bianchetti, JM Fink, M Göppl, ...
Physical review letters 102 (20), 200402, 2009
Deterministic quantum teleportation with feed-forward in a solid state system
L Steffen, Y Salathe, M Oppliger, P Kurpiers, M Baur, C Lang, C Eichler, ...
Nature 500 (7462), 319, 2013
Observation of two-mode squeezing in the microwave frequency domain
C Eichler, D Bozyigit, C Lang, M Baur, L Steffen, JM Fink, S Filipp, ...
Physical Review Letters 107 (11), 113601, 2011
Measurement of Autler-Townes and Mollow transitions in a strongly driven superconducting qubit
M Baur, S Filipp, R Bianchetti, JM Fink, M Göppl, L Steffen, PJ Leek, ...
Physical review letters 102 (24), 243602, 2009
Experimental state tomography of itinerant single microwave photons
C Eichler, D Bozyigit, C Lang, L Steffen, J Fink, A Wallraff
Physical Review Letters 106 (22), 220503, 2011
Using sideband transitions for two-qubit operations in superconducting circuits
PJ Leek, S Filipp, P Maurer, M Baur, R Bianchetti, JM Fink, M Göppl, ...
Physical Review B 79 (18), 180511, 2009
Correlations, indistinguishability and entanglement in Hong–Ou–Mandel experiments at microwave frequencies
C Lang, C Eichler, L Steffen, JM Fink, MJ Woolley, A Blais, A Wallraff
Nature Physics 9 (6), 345, 2013
Cavity quantum electrodynamics with separate photon storage and qubit readout modes
PJ Leek, M Baur, JM Fink, R Bianchetti, L Steffen, S Filipp, A Wallraff
Physical review letters 104 (10), 100504, 2010
Control and tomography of a three level superconducting artificial atom
R Bianchetti, S Filipp, M Baur, JM Fink, C Lang, L Steffen, ...
Physical review letters 105 (22), 223601, 2010
Dynamics of dispersive single-qubit readout in circuit quantum electrodynamics
R Bianchetti, S Filipp, M Baur, JM Fink, M Göppl, PJ Leek, L Steffen, ...
Physical Review A 80 (4), 043840, 2009
Multimode mediated qubit-qubit coupling and dark-state symmetries in circuit quantum electrodynamics
S Filipp, M Göppl, JM Fink, M Baur, R Bianchetti, L Steffen, A Wallraff
Physical Review A 83 (6), 063827, 2011
Quantum-to-classical transition in cavity quantum electrodynamics
JM Fink, L Steffen, P Studer, LS Bishop, M Baur, R Bianchetti, D Bozyigit, ...
Physical review letters 105 (16), 163601, 2010
Benchmarking a quantum teleportation protocol in superconducting circuits using tomography and an entanglement witness
M Baur, A Fedorov, L Steffen, S Filipp, MP Da Silva, A Wallraff
Physical review letters 108 (4), 040502, 2012
Exploring the effect of noise on the Berry phase
S Berger, M Pechal, AA Abdumalikov Jr, C Eichler, L Steffen, A Fedorov, ...
Physical Review A 87 (6), 060303, 2013
Demonstrating W-type entanglement of Dicke states in resonant cavity quantum electrodynamics
JA Mlynek, AA Abdumalikov Jr, JM Fink, L Steffen, M Baur, C Lang, ...
Physical Review A 86 (5), 053838, 2012
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