Simon Gustavsson
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Counting statistics of single electron transport in a quantum dot
S Gustavsson, R Leturcq, B Simovič, R Schleser, T Ihn, P Studerus, ...
Physical review letters 96 (7), 076605, 2006
Noise spectroscopy through dynamical decoupling with a superconducting flux qubit
J Bylander, S Gustavsson, F Yan, F Yoshihara, K Harrabi, G Fitch, ...
Nature Physics 7 (7), 565, 2011
Frequency-selective single-photon detection using a double quantum dot
S Gustavsson, M Studer, R Leturcq, T Ihn, K Ensslin, DC Driscoll, ...
Physical review letters 99 (20), 206804, 2007
The flux qubit revisited to enhance coherence and reproducibility
F Yan, S Gustavsson, A Kamal, J Birenbaum, AP Sears, D Hover, ...
Nature communications 7, 12964, 2016
Electron counting in quantum dots
S Gustavsson, R Leturcq, M Studer, I Shorubalko, T Ihn, K Ensslin, ...
Surface Science Reports 64 (6), 191-232, 2009
Counting statistics and super-Poissonian noise in a quantum dot: Time-resolved measurements of electron transport
S Gustavsson, R Leturcq, B Simovič, R Schleser, P Studerus, T Ihn, ...
Physical Review B 74 (19), 195305, 2006
Conditional statistics of electron transport in interacting nanoscale conductors
EV Sukhorukov, AN Jordan, S Gustavsson, R Leturcq, T Ihn, K Ensslin
Nature Physics 3 (4), 243, 2007
Measurements of higher-order noise correlations in a quantum dot with a finite bandwidth detector
S Gustavsson, R Leturcq, T Ihn, K Ensslin, M Reinwald, W Wegscheider
Physical Review B 75 (7), 075314, 2007
Coherence and decay of higher energy levels of a superconducting transmon qubit
MJ Peterer, SJ Bader, X Jin, F Yan, A Kamal, TJ Gudmundsen, PJ Leek, ...
Physical review letters 114 (1), 010501, 2015
Thermal and residual excited-state population in a 3D transmon qubit
XY Jin, A Kamal, AP Sears, T Gudmundsen, D Hover, J Miloshi, R Slattery, ...
Physical review letters 114 (24), 240501, 2015
Rotating-frame relaxation as a noise spectrum analyser of a superconducting qubit undergoing driven evolution
F Yan, S Gustavsson, J Bylander, X Jin, F Yoshihara, DG Cory, ...
Nature communications 4, 2337, 2013
Time-resolved detection of single-electron interference
S Gustavsson, R Leturcq, M Studer, T Ihn, K Ensslin, DC Driscoll, ...
Nano letters 8 (8), 2547-2550, 2008
Statistical electron excitation in a double quantum dot induced by two independent quantum point contacts
U Gasser, S Gustavsson, B Küng, K Ensslin, T Ihn, DC Driscoll, ...
Physical Review B 79 (3), 035303, 2009
Spectroscopy of low-frequency noise and its temperature dependence in a superconducting qubit
F Yan, J Bylander, S Gustavsson, F Yoshihara, K Harrabi, DG Cory, ...
Physical Review B 85 (17), 174521, 2012
Flux qubit noise spectroscopy using Rabi oscillations under strong driving conditions
F Yoshihara, Y Nakamura, F Yan, S Gustavsson, J Bylander, WD Oliver, ...
Physical Review B 89 (2), 020503, 2014
Improving quantum gate fidelities by using a qubit to measure microwave pulse distortions
S Gustavsson, O Zwier, J Bylander, F Yan, F Yoshihara, Y Nakamura, ...
Physical review letters 110 (4), 040502, 2013
Suppressing relaxation in superconducting qubits by quasiparticle pumping
S Gustavsson, F Yan, G Catelani, J Bylander, A Kamal, J Birenbaum, ...
Science 354 (6319), 1573-1577, 2016
Quantum dots investigated with charge detection techniques
T Ihn, S Gustavsson, U Gasser, B Küng, T Müller, R Schleser, M Sigrist, ...
Solid state communications 149 (35-36), 1419-1426, 2009
Detecting terahertz current fluctuations in a quantum point contact using a nanowire quantum dot
S Gustavsson, I Shorubalko, R Leturcq, T Ihn, K Ensslin, S Schön
Physical Review B 78 (3), 035324, 2008
3D integrated superconducting qubits
D Rosenberg, D Kim, R Das, D Yost, S Gustavsson, D Hover, P Krantz, ...
npj quantum information 3 (1), 42, 2017
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