Cameron Craigie
Cameron Craigie
Science Impact Leader, AgReserach limited
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A review of the development and use of video image analysis (VIA) for beef carcass evaluation as an alternative to the current EUROP system and other subjective systems
CR Craigie, EA Navajas, RW Purchas, CA Maltin, L Bünger, SO Hoskin, ...
Meat science 92 (4), 307-318, 2012
Quantitative prediction of beef quality using visible and NIR spectroscopy with large data samples under industry conditions
T Qiao, J Ren, C Craigie, J Zabalza, C Maltin, S Marshall
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy 82 (1), 137-144, 2015
Singular spectrum analysis for improving hyperspectral imaging based beef eating quality evaluation
T Qiao, J Ren, C Craigie, J Zabalza, C Maltin, S Marshall
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 115, 21-25, 2015
Application of Hyperspectral imaging to predict the pH, intramuscular fatty acid content and composition of lamb M. longissimus lumborum at 24 h post mortem
CR Craigie, PL Johnson, PR Shorten, A Charteris, G Maclennan, ML Tate, ...
Meat science 132, 19-28, 2017
The effect of sex on some carcass and meat quality traits in Texel ewe and ram lambs
CR Craigie, NR Lambe, RI Richardson, W Haresign, CA Maltin, ...
Animal Production Science 52 (7), 601-607, 2012
Chemometrics and hyperspectral imaging applied to assessment of chemical, textural and structural characteristics of meat
MM Reis, R Van Beers, M Al-Sarayreh, P Shorten, WQ Yan, W Saeys, ...
Meat science 144, 100-109, 2018
The prediction of carcass composition and tissue distribution in beef cattle using ultrasound scanning at the start and/or end of the finishing period
NR Lambe, DW Ross, EA Navajas, JJ Hyslop, N Prieto, C Craigie, ...
Livestock Science 131 (2-3), 193-202, 2010
The relationship between video image analysis (VIA), visual classification, and saleable meat yield of sirloin and fillet cuts of beef carcasses differing in breed and gender
CR Craigie, DW Ross, CA Maltin, RW Purchas, L Bünger, R Roehe, ...
Livestock Science 158 (1-3), 169-178, 2013
Distribution of fatty acids and phospholipids in different table cuts and co-products from New Zealand pasture-fed Wagyu-dairy cross beef cattle
EN Bermingham, MG Reis, AK Subbaraj, D Cameron-Smith, K Fraser, ...
Meat science 140, 26-37, 2018
Evaluating the performance of a miniaturized NIR spectrophotometer for predicting intramuscular fat in lamb: A comparison with benchtop and hand-held Vis-NIR spectrophotometers
Y Dixit, HQ Pham, CE Realini, MP Agnew, CR Craigie, MM Reis
Meat science 162, 108026, 2020
Comprehensive evaluation of parameters affecting one-step method for quantitative analysis of fatty acids in meat
MP Agnew, CR Craigie, G Weralupitiya, MM Reis, PL Johnson, MG Reis
Metabolites 9 (9), 189, 2019
Spectral imaging techniques for predicting meat quality–an Australasian perspective
CR Craigie, S Fowler, M Knight, A Stuart, D Hopkins, MM Reis
FAIM Farm Animal Imaging—A Summary Report; Maltin, C., Craigie, C., Bünger …, 2015
Video imageanalysis for meat yield-opportunities and challenges for value-based marketing of sheep and beef carcasses. 64
CR Craigie, L Bunger, R Roehe, ST Morris, RW Purchas, DW Ross, ...
Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science. August, 26-30.2013, 2013
Comparison between near infrared spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging in predicting beef eating quality
T Qiao, J Ren, C Craigie, J Zabalza, C Maltin, S Marshall
Hyperspectral Imaging and Applications Conference (HSI 2014), 2014
Quantitative assessment of beef quality with hyperspectral imaging using machine learning techniques
J Ren, S Marshall, C Craigie, C Maltin
Hyperspectral Imaging Conference, 2012
Rapid discrimination of intact beef, venison and lamb meat using Raman spectroscopy
C Robert, SJ Fraser-Miller, WT Jessep, WE Bain, TM Hicks, JF Ward, ...
Food Chemistry 343, 128441, 2021
Consumer liking of M. longissimus lumborum from New Zealand pasture-finished lamb is influenced by intramuscular fat
CE Realini, E Pavan, PL Johnson, M Font-i-Furnols, N Jacob, M Agnew, ...
Meat Science 173, 108380, 2021
Effect of fast freezing then thawaging on meat quality attributes of lamb M. longissimus lumborum
P Balan, YHB Kim, AD Stuart, R Kemp, M Staincliffe, C Craigie, ...
Animal Science Journal 90 (8), 1060-1069, 2019
Non-invasive spectroscopic and imaging systems for prediction of beef quality in a meat processing pilot plant
Y Dixit, S Hitchman, TM Hicks, P Lim, CK Wong, L Holibar, KC Gordon, ...
Meat Science, 108410, 2020
Long term performance of near infrared spectroscopy to predict intramuscular fat content in New Zealand lamb
S Hitchman, P Johnson, W Bain, CR Craigie, MM Reis
Meat Science, 108376, 2020
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