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Mohamad-Gabriel Alameh
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D614G spike mutation increases SARS CoV-2 susceptibility to neutralization
D Weissman, MG Alameh, T de Silva, P Collini, H Hornsby, R Brown, ...
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siRNA Delivery with Chitosan: Influence of Chitosan Molecular Weight, Degree of Deacetylation, and Amine to Phosphate Ratio on in Vitro Silencing Efficiency, Hemocompatibility …
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Highly efficient CD4+ T cell targeting and genetic recombination using engineered CD4+ cell-homing mRNA-LNP
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Vaccine Technologies and Platforms for Infectious Diseases: Current Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities
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Automated in-line mixing system for large scale production of chitosan-based polyplexes
AT Naeini, OY Soliman, MG Alameh, M Lavertu, MD Buschmann
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 500, 253-263, 2017
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