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RAD genotyping reveals fine‐scale genetic structuring and provides powerful population assignment in a widely distributed marine species, the A merican lobster (H omarus …
L Benestan, T Gosselin, C Perrier, B Sainte‐Marie, R Rochette, ...
Molecular ecology 24 (13), 3299-3315, 2015
Conservation genomics of natural and managed populations: building a conceptual and practical framework
LM Benestan, AL Ferchaud, PA Hohenlohe, BA Garner, GJP Naylor, ...
Molecular ecology 25 (13), 2967-2977, 2016
Seascape genomics provides evidence for thermal adaptation and current‐mediated population structure in American lobster (Homarus americanus)
L Benestan, BK Quinn, H Maaroufi, M Laporte, FK Clark, SJ Greenwood, ...
Molecular Ecology 25 (20), 5073-5092, 2016
Sex matters in massive parallel sequencing: Evidence for biases in genetic parameter estimation and investigation of sex determination systems
L Benestan, JS Moore, BJG Sutherland, J Le Luyer, H Maaroufi, ...
Molecular ecology 26 (24), 6767-6783, 2017
A climate-associated multispecies cryptic cline in the northwest Atlantic
RRE Stanley, C DiBacco, B Lowen, RG Beiko, NW Jeffery, ...
Science advances 4 (3), eaaq0929, 2018
Asymmetric oceanographic processes mediate connectivity and population genetic structure, as revealed by RAD seq, in a highly dispersive marine invertebrate (Parastichopus …
A Xuereb, L Benestan, É Normandeau, RM Daigle, JMR Curtis, ...
Molecular ecology 27 (10), 2347-2364, 2018
FishMed: traits, phylogeny, current and projected species distribution of Mediterranean fishes, and environmental data: Ecological Archives E096-203
C Albouy, FBR Lasram, L Velez, F Guilhaumon, CN Meynard, S Boyer, ...
Ecology 96 (8), 2312-2313, 2015
Combining six genome scan methods to detect candidate genes to salinity in the Mediterranean striped red mullet (Mullus surmuletus)
A Dalongeville, L Benestan, D Mouillot, S Lobreaux, S Manel
BMC genomics 19 (1), 217, 2018
Comparing genomic signatures of domestication in two Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) populations with different geographical origins
ME López, L Benestan, JS Moore, C Perrier, J Gilbey, A Di Genova, ...
Evolutionary applications 12 (1), 137-156, 2019
Genetic and morphological support for possible sympatric origin of fish from subterranean habitats
IH Segherloo, E Normandeau, L Benestan, C Rougeux, G Coté, JS Moore, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 2909, 2018
Enhancing fisheries education and research through the Canadian Fisheries Research Network: A student perspective on interdisciplinarity, collaboration and inclusivity
K Turgeon, SCF Hawkshaw, KM Dinning, BK Quinn, DN Edwards, C Wor, ...
FACETS 3 (1), 963-980, 2018
Comparing Pool‐seq, Rapture, and GBS genotyping for inferring weak population structure: The American lobster (Homarus americanus) as a case study
Y Dorant, L Benestan, Q Rougemont, E Normandeau, B Boyle, ...
Ecology and Evolution, 2019
Seascape genomics of eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) along the Atlantic coast of Canada
S Bernatchez, A Xuereb, M Laporte, L Benestan, R Steeves, M Laflamme, ...
Evolutionary Applications 12 (3), 587-609, 2019
Population Genomics Applied to Fishery Management and Conservation
L Benestan
Springer, Cham, 2019
Let's talk about sex: A rigorous statistical framework to assign the sex of individuals from reduced‐representation sequencing data
JS Moore, L Benestan
Molecular ecology resources 18 (2), 191-193, 2018
Enhancing fisheries education through the Canadian Fisheries Research Network: a student perspective on interdisciplinarity, collaboration and inclusivity
K Turgeon, SCF Hawkshaw, KM Dinning, BK Quinn, DN Edwards, C Wor, ...
PeerJ Preprints, 2017
Space invaders; biological invasions in marine conservation planning (vol 22, pg 1220, 2010)
C Albouy, BRF Lasram, L Velez, F Guilhaumon, CN Meynard, S Boyer, ...
La génomique, un outil de gestion prometteur pour la gestion des pêches: le cas du homard d’Amérique, Homarus americanus, dans l’Est du Canada
L Benestan
Genomic Signatures of Thermal Adaptation to Temperature in American Lobster
L Benestan
145th Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society, 2015
Genomics As a Powerful Tool for Lobster Fishery
L Benestan
144th Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society, 2014
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