Klaus Gessner
Klaus Gessner
Geological Survey of Western Australia, and The University of Western Australia (Adjunct)
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Early exhumation of high‐pressure rocks in extrusion wedges: Cycladic blueschist unit in the eastern Aegean, Greece, and Turkey
U Ring, T Will, J Glodny, C Kumerics, K Gessner, S Thomson, T Güngör, ...
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What caused the denudation of the Menderes Massif: Review of crustal evolution, lithosphere structure, and dynamic topography in southwest Turkey
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How to resist subduction: Eocene post-high-pressure emplacement of the Cycladic blueschist unit onto the Menderes nappes, Anatolide belt, western Turkey
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The Mesoproterozoic thermal evolution of the Musgrave Province in central Australia—Plume vs. the geological record
RH Smithies, CL Kirkland, FJ Korhonen, ARA Aitken, HM Howard, ...
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Significance of strain localization in the lower crust for structural evolution and thermal history of metamorphic core complexes
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Tectonics 26 (2), 2007
Spatiotemporal evolution of brittle normal faulting and fluid infiltration in detachment fault systems: A case study from the Menderes Massif, western Turkey
R Hetzel, H Zwingmann, A Mulch, K Gessner, C Akal, A Hampel, ...
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Numerical investigation of the effect of heterogeneous permeability distributions on free convection in the hydrothermal system at Mount Isa, Australia
M Kühn, F Dobert, K Gessner
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Coupled process models as a tool for analysing hydrothermal systems
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Automatic detection of anisotropic features on rock surfaces
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Intracratonic geodynamics
W Gorczyk, B Hobbs, K Gessner, T Gerya
Gondwana Research 24 (3-4), 838-848, 2013
Structure and timing of Neoarchean gold mineralization in the Southern Cross district (Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia) suggest leading role of late Low-Ca I-type granite …
MP Doublier, N Thébaud, MTD Wingate, SS Romano, CL Kirkland, ...
Journal of Structural Geology 67, 205-221, 2014
Interpretation of Albany–Fraser seismic lines 12GA–AF1, 12GA–AF2 and 12GA–AF3: implications for crustal architecture
CV Spaggiari, SA Occhipinti, RJ Korsch, MP Doublier, DJ Clark, ...
Albany–Fraser Orogen Seismic and Magnetotelluric (MT) Workshop 2014 …, 2014
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