Sergiu Draguta
Sergiu Draguta
University of Notre Dame
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Light-induced anion phase segregation in mixed halide perovskites
MC Brennan, S Draguta, PV Kamat, M Kuno
ACS Energy Letters 3 (1), 204-213, 2017
Tracking iodide and bromide ion segregation in mixed halide lead perovskites during photoirradiation
SJ Yoon, S Draguta, JS Manser, O Sharia, WF Schneider, M Kuno, ...
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S Draguta, O Sharia, SJ Yoon, MC Brennan, YV Morozov, JS Manser, ...
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MC Brennan, JE Herr, TS Nguyen-Beck, J Zinna, S Draguta, S Rouvimov, ...
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S Draguta, S Thakur, YV Morozov, Y Wang, JS Manser, PV Kamat, ...
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New silver BioMOFs driven by 1, 3, 5-triaza-7-phosphaadamantane-7-sulfide (PTA= S): Synthesis, topological analysis and antimicrobial activity
SW Jaros, P Smolenski, MFC Guedes da Silva, M Florek, J Król, ...
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S Draguta, MS Fonari, AE Masunov, J Zazueta, S Sullivan, MY Antipin, ...
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A Ruth, MC Brennan, S Draguta, YV Morozov, M Zhukovskyi, B Janko, ...
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Tuning Carrier Mobilities and Polarity of Charge Transport in Films of CuInSexS2–x Quantum Dots
S Draguta, H McDaniel, VI Klimov
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A quantitative and spatially resolved analysis of the performance-bottleneck in high efficiency, planar hybrid perovskite solar cells
S Draguta, JA Christians, YV Morozov, A Mucunzi, JS Manser, PV Kamat, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 11 (4), 960-969, 2018
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Defect-mediated CdS nanobelt photoluminescence up-conversion
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Transforming Layered to Nonlayered Two-Dimensional Materials: Cation Exchange of SnS2 to Cu2SnS3
Y Wang, YV Morozov, M Zhukovskyi, R Chatterjee, S Draguta, P Tongying, ...
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IM Pavlovetc, MC Brennan, S Draguta, A Ruth, T Moot, JA Christians, ...
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R Castaneda, SA Antal, S Draguta, TV Timofeeva, VN Khrustalev
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Unusual Chemical Ratio, Z″ Values, and Polymorphism in Three New N-Methyl Aminopyridine–4-Nitrophenol Adducts
S Draguta, AA Yakovenko, MS Fonari, TV Timofeeva
Crystal growth & design 14 (7), 3423-3433, 2014
ECS Meeting Abstracts
C Liu, RG Kelly
MA2014-02, 2014
Structural similarities and diversity in a series of crystalline solids composed of 2-aminopyridines and glutaric acid
S Draguta, MS Fonari, SN Bejagam, K Storms, J Lindline, TV Timofeeva
Structural Chemistry 27 (4), 1303-1315, 2016
(μ2-2-Methoxyethanol-κ3O1: O1, O3)(2-methoxyethanol-κO1) tris (μ2-3, 4, 5, 6-tetrafluoro-o-phenylene-κ2C1: C2) trimercury (II)
R Castañeda, S Draguta, A Yakovenko, M Fonari, T Timofeeva
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online 70 (5), m164-m165, 2014
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