Louis-Eric Trudeau
Louis-Eric Trudeau
Pharmacology & Physiology, Neuroscience, Université de Montréal
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β-Lactamase protein fragment complementation assays as in vivo and in vitro sensors of protein–protein interactions
A Galarneau, M Primeau, LE Trudeau, SW Michnick
Nature biotechnology 20 (6), 619, 2002
From glutamate co-release to vesicular synergy: vesicular glutamate transporters
S El Mestikawy, Å Wallén-Mackenzie, GM Fortin, L Descarries, ...
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Direct modulation of the secretory machinery underlies PKA-dependent synaptic facilitation in hippocampal neurons
LE Trudeau, DG Emery, PG Haydon
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GDNF enhances the synaptic efficacy of dopaminergic neurons in culture
MJ Bourque, LE Trudeau
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Elevated mitochondrial bioenergetics and axonal arborization size are key contributors to the vulnerability of dopamine neurons
C Pacelli, N Giguère, MJ Bourque, M Lévesque, RS Slack, LÉ Trudeau
Current Biology 25 (18), 2349-2360, 2015
The role of neurotensin in central nervous system pathophysiology: what is the evidence?
F St-Gelais, C Jomphe, LÉ Trudeau
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Dopamine neurons in culture express VGLUT2 explaining their capacity to release glutamate at synapses in addition to dopamine
G Dal Bo, F St‐Gelais, M Danik, S Williams, M Cotton, LE Trudeau
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Parkinson’s disease-related proteins PINK1 and Parkin repress mitochondrial antigen presentation
D Matheoud, A Sugiura, A Bellemare-Pelletier, A Laplante, C Rondeau, ...
Cell 166 (2), 314-327, 2016
Glutamate co-transmission as an emerging concept in monoamine neuron function
LÉ Trudeau
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Chondroitin Sulfate Inhibits the Nuclear Translocation of Nuclear Factor‐κB in Interleukin‐1β‐Stimulated Chondrocytes
C Jomphe, M Gabriac, TM Hale, L Héroux, LÉ Trudeau, D Deblois, ...
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Modulation of an early step in the secretory machinery in hippocampal nerve terminals
LE Trudeau, Y Fang, PG Haydon
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 95 (12), 7163-7168, 1998
VGLUT2 in dopamine neurons is required for psychostimulant-induced behavioral activation
C Birgner, K Nordenankar, M Lundblad, JA Mendez, C Smith, M le Grevès, ...
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Contribution of polysynaptic pathways in the mediation and plasticity of Aplysia gill and siphon withdrawal reflex: evidence for differential modulation
LE Trudeau, VF Castellucci
Journal of Neuroscience 12 (10), 3838-3848, 1992
Presynaptic μ-opioid receptors regulate a late step of the secretory process in rat ventral tegmental area GABAergic neurons
A Bergevin, D Girardot, MJ Bourque, LE Trudeau
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Postsynaptic modifications in long-term facilitation in Aplysia: upregulation of excitatory amino acid receptors
LE Trudeau, VF Castellucci
Journal of Neuroscience 15 (2), 1275-1284, 1995
Developmental and target-dependent regulation of vesicular glutamate transporter expression by dopamine neurons
JA Mendez, MJ Bourque, G Dal Bo, ML Bourdeau, M Danik, S Williams, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 28 (25), 6309-6318, 2008
Neurotensin polyplex as an efficient carrier for delivering the human GDNF gene into nigral dopamine neurons of hemiparkinsonian rats
JA Gonzalez-Barrios, M Lindahl, MJ Bannon, V Anaya-Martínez, G Flores, ...
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The dual dopamine‐glutamate phenotype of growing mesencephalic neurons regresses in mature rat brain
N Bérubé‐Carrière, M Riad, G Dal Bo, D Lévesque, LÉ Trudeau, ...
Journal of Comparative Neurology 517 (6), 873-891, 2009
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