Dr Jérôme C.J. PETIT
Dr Jérôme C.J. PETIT
ISSeP, Health & Environment Research Unit
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Zn isotope study of atmospheric emissions and dry depositions within a 5 km radius of a Pb–Zn refinery
N Mattielli, JCJ Petit, K Deboudt, P Flament, E Perdrix, A Taillez, ...
Atmospheric Environment 43 (6), 1265-1272, 2009
Precise measurement of Fe isotopes in marine samples by multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (MC-ICP-MS)
J De Jong, V Schoemann, JL Tison, S Becquevort, F Masson, D Lannuzel, ...
Analytica Chimica Acta 589 (1), 105-119, 2007
Development of Cu and Zn isotope MC‐ICP‐MS measurements: Application to suspended particulate matter and sediments from the Scheldt Estuary
JCJ Petit, J De Jong, L Chou, N Mattielli
Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research 32 (2), 149-166, 2008
Cu isotope ratio variations in the Dikulushi Cu-Ag deposit, DRC: Of primary origin or induced by supergene reworking?
M Haest, P Muchez, JCJ Petit, F Vanhaecke
Economic Geology 104 (7), 1055-1064, 2009
Contributions and potential impacts of seven priority substances (As, Cd, Cu, Cr, Ni, Pb, and Zn) to a major European Estuary (Gironde Estuary, France) from urban wastewater
VN Deycard, ...
Marine chemistry, 2014
Anthropogenic sources and biogeochemical reactivity of particulate and dissolved Cu isotopes in the turbidity gradient of the Garonne River (France)
CBNM Jérôme C.J. PETIT, Jörg SCHÄFER, Alexandra COYNEL, Gérard BLANC ...
Chemical Geology 359, 125-135, 2013
Zn Cu isotopic study and speciation of airborne metal particles within a 5-km zone of a lead/zinc smelter
N Mattielli, J Rimetz, J Petit, E Perdrix, K Deboudt, P Flament, D Weis
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Supplement 70, A401-A401, 2006
Behavior and fluxes of Pt in the macrotidal Gironde Estuary (SW France)
A Cobelo-García, DE López-Sánchez, J Schäfer, JCJ Petit, G Blanc, ...
Marine Chemistry 167, 93-101, 2014
The estuarine geochemical reactivity of Zn isotopes and its relevance for the biomonitoring of anthropogenic Zn and Cd contaminations from metallurgical activities: Example of …
JCJ Petit, J Schäfer, A Coynel, G Blanc, JF Chiffoleau, D Auger, C Bossy, ...
Geochimica et cosmochimica acta 170, 108-125, 2015
Past and present platinum contamination of a major European fluvial–estuarine system: Insights from river sediments and estuarine oysters
M Abdou, J Schäfer, A Cobelo-García, P Neira, JCJ Petit, D Auger, ...
Marine Chemistry 185, 104-110, 2016
Silver and copper bioaccumulation kinetics in oyster Crassostrea gigas tissues at environmentally relevant exposure levels using stable isotope spikes
M Mikolaczyk, A Rementeria, L Lanceleur, J Schäfer, JC Petit, B Zaldibar, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 179, 135-144, 2016
A case study of spectral and non‐spectral interferences on copper isotope measurements by multi‐collector ICP‐MS (wet plasma)
JCJ Petit, A Taillez, N Mattielli
Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research 37 (3), 319-335, 2013
Isotopic study of two biolimiting metals (Zn and Cu) in industrial aerosols
N Mattielli, M N’GUESSAN, J Rimetz, J Petit, D Weis, K Deboudt, ...
Geophys. Res. Abstr 7, 10030, 2005
The use of acidimetric titration as a novel approach to study particulate trace metal speciation and mobility: Application to sediments of the Scheldt estuary
JCJ Petit, M Bouezmarni, N Roevros, L Chou
Applied geochemistry 24 (10), 1875-1888, 2009
Inputs, dynamics and potential impacts of silver (Ag) from urban wastewater to a highly turbid estuary (SW France)
VN Deycard, J Schäfer, JCJ Petit, A Coynel, L Lanceleur, L Dutruch, ...
Chemosphere 167, 501-511, 2017
The influence of supergene reworking on variations in the isotopic composition of Cu in the Dikulushi Cu-Ag deposit (Democratic Republic of Congo)
M Haest, P Muchez, J Petit, F Vanhaecke
Economic geology report 104 (7), 1055-1084, 2009
Cu and Zn isotope fractionation along the Scheldt estuary
J Petit, A Taillez, S Verheyden, L Chou, N Mattielli
Geochimica et Cosmochimica, 485, 2006
Selection and ranking method for currently used pesticides (CUPs) monitoring in ambient air
A Giusti, C Pirard, C Charlier, JCJ Petit, S Crevecoeur, S Remy
Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health 11 (4), 385-396, 2018
Inter-laboratory calibration of Zn isotopic compositions for organic and inorganic reference materials
N Mattielli, AW Shiell, K Gordon, D Weis, J Petit, E Couder
Min. Mag., Goldschmidt 2013 Conference Abstracts A 1712, 2013
L’argent (Ag, Nanoag) comme contaminant émergent dans l’estuaire de la Gironde: Evaluations scientifiques et gouvernance des risques
D Salles, A Roumezi, L Lanceleur, J Schäfer, JF Chiffoleau, D Auger, ...
Environnement, Risques and Santé 12 (4), p. 317-p. 327, 2013
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