Svitlana Orysyk
Svitlana Orysyk
V.I. Vernadskii Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry
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Synthesis, structural and spectral characterization of Zn (II) complexes, derived from thiourea and thiosemicarbazide
SI Orysyk, VV Bon, OO Obolentseva, YL Zborovskii, VV Orysyk, ...
Inorganica Chimica Acta 382, 127-138, 2012
Square-planar 1: 2 Ni (II) and Pd (II) complexes with different coordination mode of salicylaldehyde (4)-phenylthiosemicarbazone: Synthesis, structure and spectral properties
VV Bon, SI Orysyk, VI Pekhnyo, SV Volkov
Journal of Molecular Structure 984 (1-3), 15-22, 2010
Novel Pd (II) coordination compounds involving 2-[(2-hydroxyphenyl) methylene] hydrazine-N-(2-propenyl)-carbothioamide as a ligand or pro-ligand: Synthesis, crystal structures …
SI Orysyk, VV Bon, OO Zholob, VI Pekhnyo, VV Orysyk, YL Zborovskii, ...
Polyhedron 51, 211-221, 2013
Synthesis and spectroscopic investigations of Rh (III) and Pd (II) complex compounds with N-(pyridine-2-yl) morpholine-4-carbothioamide
VV Bon, SI Orysyk, VI Pekhnyo, VV Orysyk, SV Volkov
Polyhedron 26 (13), 2935-2941, 2007
Novel Fe (III), Co (III), Ni (II), Cu (II) coordination compounds involving 2-[(2-hydroxyphenyl) methylene] hydrazine-N-(2-propenyl)-carbothioamide as ligand: Synthesis …
SI Orysyk, GG Repich, VV Bon, VV Dyakonenko, VV Orysyk, YL Zborovskii, ...
Inorganica Chimica Acta 423, 496-503, 2014
Synthesis, structure and spectral characteristics of Ni (II), Pd (II) and Zn (II) complexes with N-(2-pyridinyl) morpholine-4-carbothioamide
SI Orysyk, VV Bon, VI Pekhnyo, YL Zborovskii, VV Orysyk, MV Vovk
Polyhedron 38 (1), 15-25, 2012
Synthesis, crystal structure and spectral characterization of the first Ag+ complex compounds involving O,N,O-coordinated N-acylhydrazones of salicylaldehyde
HH Repich, SI Orysyk, VV Orysyk, YL Zborovskii, VI Pekhnyo, MV Vovk
Journal of Molecular Structure 1144, 225-236, 2017
Influence of synthesis conditions on complexation of Cu (II) with O, N, O tridentate hydrazone ligand. X-ray diffraction and spectroscopic investigations
HH Repich, SI Orysyk, VV Orysyk, YL Zborovskii, AK Melnyk, ...
Journal of Molecular Structure 1146, 222-232, 2017
Synthesis, spectral characterization of novel Pd (II), Pt (II) π-coordination compounds based on N-allylthioureas. Cytotoxic properties and DNA binding ability
HH Repich, VV Orysyk, LG Palchykovska, SI Orysyk, YL Zborovskii, ...
Journal of inorganic biochemistry 168, 98-106, 2017
The formation of Ru (III) and Rh (III) chloro aqua complexes and tautomeric forms of carboxylic acid benzoylhydrazones for the synthesis of new coordination compounds promising …
SI Orysyk, LN Rybachuk, VI Pekhnyo, AM Korduban, TM Buslaeva
Russian journal of inorganic chemistry 55 (7), 1075-1082, 2010
[Cu 3 (C 11 H 12 N 3 OS) 3 (C 11 H 10 N 3 OS)] SO 4· 3H 2 O, a trinuclear heteroleptic copper (II) complex with N-allyl-N′-salicylidenethiosemicarbazone and its cyclization …
VV Bon, SI Orysyk, VI Pekhnyo
Russian Journal of Coordination Chemistry 37 (2), 149-152, 2011
cis-Bis [1-allyl-3-(2-pyridyl-κN) thioureato-κS] palladium (II)
S Orysyk, V Bon, V Pekhnyo
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online 65 (9), m1059-m1059, 2009
Novel chelate complexes of Co (II), Ni (II), Cu (II), Pd (II) derived from anti-and syn-isomers of 2-(2-aminothiazole-4-yl)-2-hydroxyiminoacetic acid with pro …
SI Orysyk, OO Zholob, VV Bon, VV Nikulina, VV Orysyk, TV Nikolaienko, ...
Polyhedron 85, 208-220, 2015
Palladium (II) complexes with 1-allyl-3-(2-pyridyl) thiourea: Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization
SI Orysyk, LN Rybachuk, VI Pekhnyo, VV Orysyk
Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 56 (11), 1747-1751, 2011
trans-Dichloridobis (4-methoxyaniline-κN) palladium (II)
V Bon, S Orysyk, V Pekhnyo
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online 65 (6), m673-m673, 2009
Synthesis, spectral and structural characteristics of novel complex compounds of Ru (III), Rh (III) and Pd (II) with typical and atypical ways of coordination of 2-(3 …
VI Pekhnyo, SI Orysyk, VV Bon, VV Orysyk
Polish Journal of Chemistry 80 (11), 1767, 2006
Synthesis, spectral characterization and DFT calculations of novel Ag (I) π-coordination polymeric complexes based on N-allylmorpholine-4-carbothioamide
SI Orysyk, PV Borovyk, HH Repich, OV Severynovska, YL Zborovskii, ...
Journal of Molecular Structure 1208, 127866, 2020
Zn (II) and Ag (I) complexes of N-allythioamides of pyrimidinyl (cyclohexenyl) carboxylic acids and products their proton-and iodocyclization
P Borovyk, M Litvinchuk, A Bentya, S Orysyk, Y Zborovskiy, N Slyvka
Ukrainian Chemistry Journal 85 (3), 3-19, 2019
Novel hybrid compound 4-[(E)-2-phenylethenesulfonamido]-N-hydroxybutanamide with antimetastatic and cytotoxic action: Synthesis and anticancer screening
YL Zborovskii, VV Orysyk, I Golovynska, OI Dzhus, LV Garmanchuk, ...
Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry (Formerly Current Medicinal …, 2018
trans-Dichloridobis (2-methylaniline-κN) palladium (II)
V Bon, A Dudko, S Orysyk, V Pekhnyo
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online 65 (4), m396-m396, 2009
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