Xenophon Moussas
Xenophon Moussas
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Decoding the ancient Greek astronomical calculator known as the Antikythera Mechanism
T Freeth, Y Bitsakis, X Moussas, JH Seiradakis, A Tselikas, H Mangou, ...
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JL Bougeret, K Goetz, ML Kaiser, SD Bale, PJ Kellogg, M Maksimovic, ...
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J Polygiannakis, P Preka-Papadema, X Moussas
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The new multichannel radiospectrograph ARTEMIS-IV/HECATE, of the University of Athens
C Caroubalos, D Maroulis, N Patavalis, JL Bougeret, G Dumas, C Perche, ...
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Solar cycles: A tutorial
X Moussas, JM Polygiannakis, P Preka-Papadema, G Exarhos
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C Katsavrias, P Preka-Papadema, X Moussas
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Long-term variability of the polytropic index of solar wind protons at 1 AU
G Nicolaou, G Livadiotis, X Moussas
Solar Physics 289 (4), 1371-1378, 2014
Statistical study of ICMEs and their sheaths during solar cycle 23 (1996–2008)
E Mitsakou, X Moussas
Coronal Magnetometry, 515-535, 2014
A nonlinear RLC solar cycle model
JM Polygiannakis, X Moussas, CP Sonett
Solar Physics 163 (1), 193-203, 1996
Surface albedo spectral properties of geologically interesting areas on Titan
A Solomonidou, M Hirtzig, A Coustenis, E Bratsolis, S Le Mouélic, ...
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M Dimitropoulou, X Moussas, D Strintzi
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The improved ARTEMIS IV multichannel solar radio spectrograph of the University of Athens
A Kontogeorgos, P Tsitsipis, C Caroubalos, X Moussas, ...
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CME expansion as the driver of metric type II shock emission as revealed by self-consistent analysis of high-cadence EUV images and radio spectrograms
A Kouloumvakos, S Patsourakos, A Hillaris, A Vourlidas, ...
Solar Physics 289 (6), 2123-2139, 2014
The sunspot as an autonomous dynamical system: A model for the growth and decay phases of sunspots
G Livadiotis, X Moussas
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 379 (2), 436-458, 2007
Pitch angle scattering of solar particles: Comparison of ‘particle’and ‘field’approach
JF Valdes-Galicia, G Wibberenz, JJ Quenby, X Moussas, G Green, ...
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Titan’s temporal evolution in stratospheric trace gases near the poles
A Coustenis, DE Jennings, RK Achterberg, G Bampasidis, P Lavvas, ...
Icarus 270, 409-420, 2016
Thermal and chemical structure variations in Titan's stratosphere during the Cassini mission
G Bampasidis, A Coustenis, RK Achterberg, S Vinatier, P Lavvas, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 760 (2), 144, 2012
A review of magneto-vorticity induction in Hall-MHD plasmas
JM Polygiannakis, X Moussas
Plasma physics and controlled fusion 43 (2), 195, 2001
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