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The interaction between plants and bacteria in the remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons: an environmental perspective
P Gkorezis, M Daghio, A Franzetti, JD Van Hamme, W Sillen, ...
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Plant growth-promoting effects of rhizospheric and endophytic bacteria associated with different tomato cultivars and new tomato hybrids
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Potential for plant growth promotion by a consortium of stress‐tolerant 2, 4‐dinitrotoluene‐degrading bacteria: isolation and characterization of a military soil
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Use of plant growth promoting bacterial strains to improve Cytisus striatus and Lupinus luteus development for potential application in phytoremediation
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Biosurfactant use in heavy metal removal from industrial effluents and contaminated sites
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Enhanced degradation of diesel in the rhizosphere of Lupinus luteus after inoculation with diesel-degrading and plant growth-promoting bacterial strains
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Industrial applications of biosurfactants
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Draft genome sequence of Raoultella ornithinolytica TNT, a trinitrotoluene-denitrating and plant growth-promoting strain isolated from explosive-contaminated soil
S Thijs, J Van Hamme, P Gkorezis, F Rineau, N Weyens, J Vangronsveld
Genome Announc. 2 (3), e00491-14, 2014
Diversity and hydrocarbon-degrading potential of epiphytic microbial communities on Platanus x acerifolia leaves in an urban area
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Characterization and degradation potential of diesel-degrading bacterial strains for application in bioremediation
M Balseiro-Romero, P Gkorezis, PS Kidd, J Van Hamme, N Weyens, ...
International journal of phytoremediation 19 (10), 955-963, 2017
Bacterial communities in the rhizosphere of Phragmites australis from an oil-polluted wetland
RMM Abed, S Al-Kharusi, P Gkorezis, S Prigent, T Headley
Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 64 (3), 360-370, 2018
Draft genome sequence of Acinetobacter oleivorans PF1, a diesel-degrading and plant-growth-promoting endophytic strain isolated from poplar trees growing on a diesel …
P Gkorezis, F Rineau, J Van Hamme, A Franzetti, M Daghio, S Thijs, ...
Genome Announc. 3 (1), e01430-14, 2015
The role of plant-associated bacteria in the remediation of soils and groundwater contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons
P Gkorezis
Draft genome sequence of Arthrobacter sp. strain SPG23, a hydrocarbon-degrading and plant growth-promoting soil bacterium
P Gkorezis, EM Bottos, JD Van Hamme, S Thijs, F Rineau, A Franzetti, ...
Genome Announc. 3 (6), e01517-15, 2015
Draft genome sequence of Pantoea ananatis GB1, a plant-growth-promoting hydrocarbonoclastic root endophyte, isolated at a diesel fuel phytoremediation site planted with Populus
P Gkorezis, JD Van Hamme, EM Bottos, S Thijs, M Balseiro-Romero, ...
Genome Announc. 4 (1), e00028-16, 2016
Biodegradation of Crude Oil by Kocuria sp
B Lalevic, V Raicevic, I Atanaskovic, D Kikovic, A Talaiekhozani, ...
Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques 2 (3), 99-101, 2014
Draft genome sequence of Acinetobacter calcoaceticus strain GK1, a hydrocarbon-degrading plant growth-promoting rhizospheric bacterium
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Plant-endophyte partnerships to assist petroleum hydrocarbon remediation
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Consequences of Microbial Interactions with Hydrocarbons, Oils, and Lipids …, 2018
Draft genome sequence of Bacillus licheniformis strain GB2, a hydrocarbon-degrading and plant growth-promoting soil bacterium
P Gkorezis, J Van Hamme, E Bottos, S Thijs, M Balseiro-Romero, ...
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Modelling the ex situ bioremediation of diesel-contaminated soil in a slurry bioreactor using a hydrocarbon-degrading inoculant
M Balseiro-Romero, C Monterroso, PS Kidd, TA Lu-Chau, P Gkorezis, ...
Journal of environmental management 246, 840-848, 2019
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