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HLA class I, NKG2D, and natural cytotoxicity receptors regulate multiple myeloma cell recognition by natural killer cells
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Specific killing of multiple myeloma cells by (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate extracted from green tea: biologic activity and therapeutic implications
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A clinically relevant SCID-hu in vivo model of human multiple myeloma
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MLN120B, a Novel IκB Kinase β Inhibitor, Blocks Multiple Myeloma Cell Growth In vitro and In vivo
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Neutralizing B-cell–activating factor antibody improves survival and inhibits osteoclastogenesis in a severe combined immunodeficient human multiple myeloma model
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Bortezomib-induced “BRCAness” sensitizes multiple myeloma cells to PARP inhibitors
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Validation of PDGFRβ and c-Src tyrosine kinases as tumor/vessel targets in patients with multiple myeloma: preclinical efficacy of the novel, orally available inhibitor dasatinib
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Combination Therapy with Interleukin-6 Receptor Superantagonist Sant7 and Dexamethasone Induces Antitumor Effects in a Novel SCID-hu In vivo Model of …
P Tassone, P Neri, R Burger, R Savino, M Shammas, L Catley, K Podar, ...
Clinical cancer research 11 (11), 4251-4258, 2005
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