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A distinct small RNA pathway silences selfish genetic elements in the germline
VV Vagin, A Sigova, C Li, H Seitz, V Gvozdev, PD Zamore
Science 313 (5785), 320-324, 2006
Normal microRNA maturation and germ-line stem cell maintenance requires Loquacious, a double-stranded RNA-binding domain protein
K Forstemann, Y Tomari, TT Du, VV Vagin, AM Denli, DP Bratu, ...
PLoS biology 3 (7), 1187-1201, 2005
Collapse of germline piRNAs in the absence of Argonaute3 reveals somatic piRNAs in flies
C Li, VV Vagin, S Lee, J Xu, S Ma, H Xi, H Seitz, MD Horwich, M Syrzycka, ...
Cell 137 (3), 509-521, 2009
The Drosophila RNA methyltransferase, DmHen1, modifies germline piRNAs and single-stranded siRNAs in RISC
MD Horwich, C Li, C Matranga, V Vagin, G Farley, P Wang, PD Zamore
Current Biology 17 (14), 1265-1272, 2007
Proteomic analysis of murine Piwi proteins reveals a role for arginine methylation in specifying interaction with Tudor family members
VV Vagin, J Wohlschlegel, J Qu, Z Jonsson, X Huang, S Chuma, A Girard, ...
Genes & development 23 (15), 1749-1762, 2009
Cytoplasmic compartmentalization of the fetal piRNA pathway in mice
AA Aravin, GW Van Der Heijden, J Casta˝eda, VV Vagin, GJ Hannon, ...
PLoS genetics 5 (12), 2009
The RNA interference proteins and vasa locus are involved in the silencing of retrotransposons in the female germline of Drosophila melanogaster
VV Vagin, MS Klenov, A Kalmykova, AD Stolyarenko, RN Kotelnikov, ...
RNA biology 1 (1), 53-57, 2004
Major improvements to the Heliconius melpomene genome assembly used to confirm 10 chromosome fusion events in 6 million years of butterfly evolution
JW Davey, M Chouteau, SL Barker, L Maroja, SW Baxter, F Simpson, ...
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 6 (3), 695-708, 2016
Tudor domain containing 7 (Tdrd7) is essential for dynamic ribonucleoprotein (RNP) remodeling of chromatoid bodies during spermatogenesis
T Tanaka, M Hosokawa, VV Vagin, M Reuter, E Hayashi, AL Mochizuki, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (26), 10579-10584, 2011
An atlas of chromatoid body components
O Meikar, VV Vagin, F Chalmel, K S§star, A Lardenois, M Hammell, Y Jin, ...
Rna 20 (4), 483-495, 2014
Transcription of the 1.688 satellite DNA family is under the control of RNA interference machinery in Drosophila melanogaster ovaries
L Usakin, J Abad, VV Vagin, B de Pablos, A Villasante, VA Gvozdev
Genetics 176 (2), 1343-1349, 2007
Minotaur is critical for primary piRNA biogenesis
VV Vagin, Y Yu, A Jankowska, Y Luo, KA Wasik, CD Malone, E Harrison, ...
Rna 19 (8), 1064-1077, 2013
Using high-throughput barcode sequencing to efficiently map connectomes
ID Peikon, JM Kebschull, VV Vagin, DI Ravens, YC Sun, E Brouzes, ...
Nucleic acids research 45 (12), e115-e115, 2017
RNF17 blocks promiscuous activity of PIWI proteins in mouse testes
KA Wasik, OH Tam, SR Knott, I Falciatori, M Hammell, VV Vagin, ...
Genes & development 29 (13), 1403-1415, 2015
Arginine methylation as a molecular signature of the Piwi small RNA pathway
VV Vagin, GJ Hannon, AA Aravin
Cell cycle 8 (24), 4003-4004, 2009
Measuring the rates of transcriptional elongation in the female Drosophila melanogaster germ line by nuclear run-on
A Sigova, V Vagin, PD Zamore
Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology 71, 335-341, 2006
Without Argonaute3, Aubergine-bound piRNAs collapse but Piwi-bound piRNAs persist
C Li, VV Vagin, S Lee, J Xu, S Ma, H Xi, H Seitz, MD Horwich, M Syrzycka, ...
Cell 137 (3), 509, 2009
Seeking goldilocks during evolution of drug resistance
G Sherlock, DA Petrov
PLoS biology 15 (2), 2017
Conformation and crystal structures of 1-aminocyclohexaneacetic acid (β3, 3Ac6c) in N-protected derivatives
N Ahmad Wani, VK Gupta, R Kant, S Aravinda, R Rai
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online 70 (11), 272-277, 2014
RNA interference and germline expression of Stellate genes and retrotransposons in Drosophila melanogaster
I Kalmykova, S Klenow, L Kogan, A Usakin, V Vagin, A Gvozdev
European Journal of Biochemistry Supplement 271, 2004
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