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Lionel Derue
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Thermal Stabilisation of Polymer–Fullerene Bulk Heterojunction Morphology for Efficient Photovoltaic Solar Cells
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Naturalistic study of rider's behaviour in initial training in France: Evidence of limitations in the educational content
S Aupetit, J Riff, O Buttelli, S Espié
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2nd Asian European Symposium, 2015
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Method for Preparing a Photovoltaic Thin Film Having a Heterojunction
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Method for preparing a photovoltaic thin film having a heterojunction
GW Lionel Derue, Olivier Dautel, Aurel Diacon, Pietrick Hudhomme, Bertrand ...
WO Patent 2013156609 A1, 2013
Stabilisation de la microstructure des couches actives OPV par réticulation
L Derue, O Dautel, A Tournebize, S Berthumeyrie, E Cloutet, S Chambon, ...
Stabilization of polymer-fullerene bulk-heterojuntion morphology
L Derue, O Dautel, A Tournebize, M Drees, H Pan, S Berthumeyrie, ...
Fpi11: 11th International Symposium of Functional pi-electron Systems, 2013
Stabilité thermique de la couche active d’une cellule solaire organique par réticulation
L Derue, A Diacon, M Le Bail, S Chambon, J Du, A Tournebize, ...
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