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ANS binding reveals common features of cytotoxic amyloid species
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A concentration-dependent liquid phase separation can cause toxicity upon increased protein expression
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Single point mutations induce a switch in the molecular mechanism of the aggregation of the Alzheimer’s disease associated Aβ42 peptide
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An Integrative Study of Protein-RNA Condensates Identifies Scaffolding RNAs and Reveals Players in Fragile X-Associated Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome
F Cid-Samper, M Gelabert-Baldrich, B Lang, N Lorenzo-Gotor, RD Ponti, ...
Cell reports 25 (12), 3422-3434. e7, 2018
Protein Overexpression: Reaching the limit
B Bolognesi, B Lehner
eLife 7, e39804, 2018
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