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A polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) sponge for the selective absorption of oil from water
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Impact of contact pressure on output voltage of triboelectric nanogenerator based on deformation of interfacial structures
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Effects of the oxygen vacancy concentration in InGaZnO-based resistance random access memory
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Piezoelectric nanogenerator with a nanoforest structure
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Hybrid energy harvester with simultaneous triboelectric and electromagnetic generation from an embedded floating oscillator in a single package
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3-Dimensional broadband energy harvester based on internal hydrodynamic oscillation with a package structure
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A pH sensor with a double-gate silicon nanowire field-effect transistor
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A transistor-based biosensor for the extraction of physical properties from biomolecules
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Ferrofluid-based triboelectric-electromagnetic hybrid generator for sensitive and sustainable vibration energy harvesting
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Design strategy for a piezoelectric nanogenerator with a well-ordered nanoshell array
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Bio‐Inspired Complementary Photoconductor by Porphyrin‐Coated Silicon Nanowires
SJ Choi, YC Lee, ML Seol, JH Ahn, S Kim, DI Moon, JW Han, S Mann, ...
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Floating oscillator-embedded triboelectric generator for versatile mechanical energy harvesting
ML Seol, JW Han, SB Jeon, M Meyyappan, YK Choi
Scientific reports 5, 16409, 2015
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