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Artemisinins target GABAA receptor signaling and impair α cell identity
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Nek9 is a Plk1‐activated kinase that controls early centrosome separation through Nek6/7 and Eg5
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Nek9 phosphorylation of NEDD1/GCP-WD contributes to Plk1 control of γ-tubulin recruitment to the mitotic centrosome
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Mapping the chemical chromatin reactivation landscape identifies BRD4-TAF1 cross-talk
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Mechanistic insight into WEB-2170-induced apoptosis in human acute myelogenous leukemia cells: the crucial role of PTEN
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A combinatorial screen of the CLOUD uncovers a synergy targeting the androgen receptor
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MTHFD1 interaction with BRD4 links folate metabolism to transcriptional regulation
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Taf1 inhibitors for the therapy of cancer
S SDELCI, S Kubicek
Combination of a brd4 inhibitor and an antifolate for the therapy of cancer
S Sdelci, S Kubicek
US Patent App. 16/349,552, 2019
Taf1 inhibitors for the therapy of cancer
S Sdelci, S Kubicek
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Generation of a Cellular Reporter for Functional BRD4 Inhibition
S Sdelci, S Kubicek
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Role of the Kinases NEK6, NEK7 and NEK9 in the Regulation of the Centrosome Cycle
S Sdelci
Universitat de Barcelona, 2012
Supplemental Information Nek9 Phosphorylation of NEDD1/GCP-WD Contributes to Plk1 Control of γ-Tubulin Recruitment to the Mitotic Centrosome
S Sdelci, M Schütz, R Pinyol, MT Bertran, L Regué, C Caelles, I Vernos, ...
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