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Dr Samantha Lavender
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Spectral signature of highly turbid waters: Application with SPOT data to quantify suspended particulate matter concentrations
D Doxaran, JM Froidefond, S Lavender, P Castaing
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The atmospheric correction of water colour and the quantitative retrieval of suspended particulate matter in Case II waters: application to MERIS
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Importance of stirring in the development of an iron-fertilized phytoplankton bloom
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Generalized ocean color inversion model for retrieving marine inherent optical properties
PJ Werdell, BA Franz, SW Bailey, GC Feldman, E Boss, VE Brando, ...
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A three-component model of phytoplankton size class for the Atlantic Ocean
RJW Brewin, S Sathyendranath, T Hirata, SJ Lavender, RM Barciela, ...
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A longterm chlorophyll dataset reveals regime shift in North Sea phytoplankton biomass unconnected to nutrient levels
A McQuatters-Gollop, DE Raitsos, M Edwards, Y Pradhan, LD Mee, ...
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SJ Lavender, MH Pinkerton, GF Moore, J Aiken, D Blondeau-Patissier
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Phytoplankton pigments and functional types in the Atlantic Ocean: a decadal assessment, 1995–2005
J Aiken, Y Pradhan, R Barlow, S Lavender, A Poulton, P Holligan, ...
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An intercomparison of bio-optical techniques for detecting dominant phytoplankton size class from satellite remote sensing
RJW Brewin, NJ Hardman-Mountford, SJ Lavender, DE Raitsos, T Hirata, ...
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SMOS first data analysis for sea surface salinity determination
J Font, J Boutin, N Reul, P Spurgeon, J Ballabrera-Poy, A Chuprin, ...
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Extending the SeaWiFS chlorophyll data set back 50 years in the northeast Atlantic
DE Raitsos, PC Reid, SJ Lavender, M Edwards, AJ Richardson
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Identifying four phytoplankton functional types from space: An ecological approach
DE Raitsos, SJ Lavender, CD Maravelias, J Haralabous, AJ Richardson, ...
Limnology and oceanography 53 (2), 605-613, 2008
Diurnal warmlayer events in the western Mediterranean and European shelf seas
CJ Merchant, MJ Filipiak, P Le Borgne, H Roquet, E Autret, JF Piollé, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 35 (4), 2008
Coccolithophore bloom size variation in response to the regional environment of the subarctic North Atlantic
DE Raitsos, SJ Lavender, Y Pradhan, T Tyrrell, PC Reid, M Edwards
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Observations of pCO2 in the coastal upwelling off Chile: Spatial and temporal extrapolation using satellite data
N Lefèvre, J Aiken, J Rutllant, G Daneri, S Lavender, T Smyth
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Validation of MERIS reflectance and chlorophyll during the BENCAL cruise October 2002: preliminary validation of new demonstration products for phytoplankton functional types …
J Aiken, JR Fishwick, S Lavender, R Barlow, GF Moore, H Sessions, ...
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Use of reflectance band ratios to estimate suspended and dissolved matter concentrations in estuarine waters
D Doxaran, RCN Cherukuru, SJ Lavender
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Remote sensing of sea surface temperature and chlorophyll during Lagrangian experiments at the Iberian margin
TJ Smyth, PI Miller, SB Groom, SJ Lavender
Progress in Oceanography 51 (2-4), 269-281, 2001
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