Ioannis Delis
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Muscle synergies in neuroscience and robotics: from input-space to task-space perspectives
C Alessandro, I Delis, F Nori, S Panzeri, B Berret
Frontiers in computational neuroscience 7, 43, 2013
Four not six: Revealing culturally common facial expressions of emotion.
RE Jack, W Sun, I Delis, OGB Garrod, PG Schyns
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 145 (6), 708, 2016
Quantitative evaluation of muscle synergy models: a single-trial task decoding approach
I Delis, B Berret, T Pozzo, S Panzeri
Frontiers in computational neuroscience 7, 8, 2013
A unifying model of concurrent spatial and temporal modularity in muscle activity
I Delis, S Panzeri, T Pozzo, B Berret
American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology, 2013
Investigating reduction of dimensionality during single-joint elbow movements: a case study on muscle synergies
E Chiovetto, B Berret, I Delis, S Panzeri, T Pozzo
Frontiers in computational neuroscience 7, 11, 2013
A methodology for assessing the effect of correlations among muscle synergy activations on task-discriminating information
I Delis, B Berret, T Pozzo, S Panzeri
Frontiers in computational neuroscience 7, 54, 2013
Using matrix and tensor factorizations for the single-trial analysis of population spike trains
A Onken, JK Liu, PPCR Karunasekara, I Delis, T Gollisch, S Panzeri
PLoS computational biology 12 (11), 2016
Task-discriminative space-by-time factorization of muscle activity
I Delis, S Panzeri, T Pozzo, B Berret
Frontiers in human neuroscience 9, 399, 2015
Space-by-time manifold representation of dynamic facial expressions for emotion categorization
I Delis, C Chen, RE Jack, OGB Garrod, S Panzeri, PG Schyns
Journal of vision 16 (8), 14-14, 2016
Biofeedback signals for robotic rehabilitation: assessment of wrist muscle activation patterns in healthy humans
M Semprini, AV Cuppone, I Delis, V Squeri, S Panzeri, J Konczak
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 25 (7 …, 2016
Space-by-time decomposition for single-trial decoding of M/EEG activity
I Delis, A Onken, PG Schyns, S Panzeri, MG Philiastides
NeuroImage 133, 504-515, 2016
Optimality and modularity in human movement: from optimal control to muscle synergies
B Berret, I Delis, J Gaveau, F Jean
Biomechanics of Anthropomorphic Systems, 105-133, 2019
Correlation of neural activity with behavioral kinematics reveals distinct sensory encoding and evidence accumulation processes during active tactile sensing
I Delis, JP Dmochowski, P Sajda, Q Wang
Neuroimage 175, 12-21, 2018
Deciphering the functional role of spatial and temporal muscle synergies in whole-body movements
I Delis, PM Hilt, T Pozzo, S Panzeri, B Berret
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-17, 2018
Space-by-time modular decomposition effectively describes whole-body muscle activity during upright reaching in various directions
PM Hilt, I Delis, T Pozzo, B Berret
Frontiers in computational neuroscience 12, 20, 2018
On the origins of modularity in motor control
I Delis, E Chiovetto, B Berret
Journal of Neuroscience 30 (22), 7451-7452, 2010
Space-by-Time Tensor Decomposition for Single-Trial Analysis of Neural Signals
I Delis, A Onken, S Panzeri
Mathematical and Theoretical Neuroscience, 223-237, 2017
Identification of spatial-temporal muscle synergies from EMG epochs of various durations: a time-warped tensor decomposition
I Delis, PM Hilt, T Pozzo, B Berret
International Conference on NeuroRehabilitation, 663-667, 2018
Information-theoretic characterization of the neural mechanisms of active multisensory decision making
I Delis, RAA Ince, P Sajda, Q Wang
International Conference on NeuroRehabilitation, 584-588, 2018
Correlations of Neural Activity with Behavioral Kinematics during Active Tactile Decision Making
I Delis, JP Dmochowski, P Sajda, Q Wang
Proceedings of the 10th Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 1-7, 2018
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