Lia Yeh
Lia Yeh
PhD student, Quantum Group, University of Oxford
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Cited by
Cited by
Quantum games and interactive tools for quantum technologies outreach and education
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Scaling W state circuits in the qudit Clifford hierarchy
L Yeh
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The Qudit ZH-Calculus: Generalised Toffoli+ Hadamard and Universality
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Graphical CSS Code Transformation Using ZX Calculus
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Microwave Spectroscopy Algorithms for Context-Free Molecular Structure Determination
L Yeh
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Progress Made Towards Context-Free Molecular Structure Determination From Isotopologue Rotational Spectroscopy
L Yeh, D Finestone, L Satterthwaite, J Yan, D Patterson
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Benchmarking ZX-Calculus Circuit Optimization Against Qiskit Transpilation
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Association for Computing Machinery Student Research Competitioná…, 2020
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