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Jürgen F. H. Strassert
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Strict cospeciation of devescovinid flagellates and Bacteroidales ectosymbionts in the gut of dry‐wood termites (Kalotermitidae)
MS Desai, JFH Strassert, K Meuser, H Hertel, W Ikeda‐Ohtsubo, R Radek, ...
Environmental microbiology 12 (8), 2120-2132, 2010
The fibre‐associated cellulolytic bacterial community in the hindgut of wood‐feeding higher termites (Nasutitermes spp.)
A Mikaelyan, JFH Strassert, G Tokuda, A Brune
Environmental microbiology 16 (9), 2711-2722, 2014
Identification and localization of the multiple bacterial symbionts of the termite gut flagellate Joenia annectens
JFH Strassert, MS Desai, R Radek, A Brune
Microbiology 156 (7), 2068-2079, 2010
‘Candidatus Ancillula trichonymphae’, a novel lineage of endosymbiotic Actinobacteria in termite gut flagellates of the genus Trichonympha
JFH Strassert, T Köhler, THG Wienemann, W Ikeda‐Ohtsubo, N Faivre, ...
Environmental microbiology 14 (12), 3259-3270, 2012
Morphological identification and single-cell genomics of marine diplonemids
RMR Gawryluk, J del Campo, N Okamoto, JFH Strassert, J Lukeš, ...
Current Biology 26 (22), 3053-3059, 2016
The true diversity of devescovinid flagellates in the termite Incisitermes marginipennis
JFH Strassert, MS Desai, A Brune, R Radek
Protist 160 (4), 522-535, 2009
Candidatus Adiutrix intracellularis’, an endosymbiont of termite gut flagellates, is the first representative of a deep‐branching clade of Deltaproteobacteria and a …
W Ikeda‐Ohtsubo, JFH Strassert, T Köhler, A Mikaelyan, I Gregor, ...
Environmental microbiology 18 (8), 2548-2564, 2016
Exclusive Gut Flagellates of Serritermitidae Suggest a Major Transfaunation Event in Lower Termites: Description of Heliconympha glossotermitis gen. nov. spec. nov.
R Radek, K Meuser, JFH Strassert, O Arslan, A Teßmer, J Šobotník, ...
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 65 (1), 77-92, 2018
Genome analysis of ‘Candidatus Ancillula trichonymphae’, first representative of a deep‐branching clade of Bifidobacteriales, strengthens evidence for convergent …
JFH Strassert, A Mikaelyan, T Woyke, A Brune
Environmental microbiology reports 8 (5), 865-873, 2016
Phylogeny and Ultrastructure of Oxymonas jouteli, a Rostellum-free Species, and Opisthomitus longiflagellatus sp. nov., Oxymonadid Flagellates from the Gut of Neotermes jouteli
R Radek*, JFH Strassert* (*equal contribution), J Krüger, K Meuser, ...
Protist 165 (3), 384-399, 2014
Moramonas marocensis gen. nov., sp. nov.: a jakobid flagellate isolated from desert soil with a bacteria-like, but bloated mitochondrial genome
JFH Strassert, DV Tikhonenkov, JF Pombert, M Kolisko, V Tai, ...
Open biology 6 (2), 150239, 2016
Single cell genomics of uncultured marine alveolates shows paraphyly of basal dinoflagellates
JFH Strassert, A Karnkowska, E Hehenberger, J del Campo, M Kolisko, ...
The ISME journal 12 (1), 304, 2018
The symbioses of termite gut flagellates and their bacterial endo-and ectosymbionts
JFH Strassert
New phylogenomic analysis of the enigmatic phylum telonemia further resolves the eukaryote tree of life
JFH Strassert, M Jamy, AP Mylnikov, DV Tikhonenkov, F Burki
Molecular biology and evolution 36 (4), 757-765, 2019
Microcapillary sampling of Baltic Sea copepod gut microbiomes indicates high variability among individuals and the potential for methane production
J Wäge, JFH Strassert, A Landsberger, N Loick-Wilde, O Schmale, ...
FEMS microbiology ecology 95 (4), fiz024, 2019
Phylogeny, Evidence for a Cryptic Plastid, and Distribution of Chytriodinium Parasites (Dinophyceae) Infecting Copepods
JFH Strassert, E Hehenberger, J del Campo, N Okamoto, M Kolisko, ...
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, 2018
A Revised Taxonomy of Diplonemids Including the Eupelagonemidae n. fam. and a Type Species, Eupelagonema oceanica n. gen. & sp.
N Okamoto, RMR Gawryluk, J del Campo, JFH Strassert, J Lukeš, ...
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, 2018
Symbionts of symbionts: termite flagellates and their bacterial associations
R Radek, JFH Strassert
Cilia and flagella – ciliates and flagellates. Ultrastructure and cell …, 2014
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