Baptiste Royer
Baptiste Royer
Assistant professor, Université de Sherbrooke
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Deterministic quantum state transfer and remote entanglement using microwave photons
P Kurpiers, P Magnard, T Walter, B Royer, M Pechal, J Heinsoo, ...
Nature 558 (7709), 264-267, 2018
Fast and unconditional all-microwave reset of a superconducting qubit
P Magnard, P Kurpiers, B Royer, T Walter, JC Besse, S Gasparinetti, ...
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Microwave quantum link between superconducting circuits housed in spatially separated cryogenic systems
P Magnard, S Storz, P Kurpiers, J Schär, F Marxer, J Lütolf, T Walter, ...
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Fast and high-fidelity entangling gate through parametrically modulated longitudinal coupling
B Royer, AL Grimsmo, N Didier, A Blais
Quantum 1, 11, 2017
Model-free quantum control with reinforcement learning
VV Sivak, A Eickbusch, H Liu, B Royer, I Tsioutsios, MH Devoret
Physical Review X 12 (1), 011059, 2022
Multiplexed readout of transmon qubits with Josephson bifurcation amplifiers
V Schmitt, X Zhou, K Juliusson, B Royer, A Blais, P Bertet, D Vion, ...
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Fast universal control of an oscillator with weak dispersive coupling to a qubit
A Eickbusch, V Sivak, AZ Ding, SS Elder, SR Jha, J Venkatraman, ...
Nature Physics 18 (12), 1464-1469, 2022
Stabilization of finite-energy Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskill states
B Royer, S Singh, SM Girvin
Physical Review Letters 125 (26), 260509, 2020
Quantum communication with time-bin encoded microwave photons
P Kurpiers, M Pechal, B Royer, P Magnard, T Walter, J Heinsoo, ...
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Itinerant microwave photon detector
B Royer, AL Grimsmo, A Choquette-Poitevin, A Blais
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Controlled-phase quantum logic gate
A Blais, B Royer, AL Grimsmo
US Patent 10,635,989, 2020
Demonstration of an all-microwave controlled-phase gate between far-detuned qubits
S Krinner, P Kurpiers, B Royer, P Magnard, I Tsitsilin, JC Besse, A Remm, ...
Physical Review Applied 14 (4), 044039, 2020
Real-time quantum error correction beyond break-even
VV Sivak, A Eickbusch, B Royer, S Singh, I Tsioutsios, S Ganjam, A Miano, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2211.09116, 2022
Quantum metamaterial for broadband detection of single microwave photons
AL Grimsmo, B Royer, JM Kreikebaum, Y Ye, K O’Brien, I Siddiqi, A Blais
Physical Review Applied 15 (3), 034074, 2021
Qubit parity measurement by parametric driving in circuit QED
B Royer, S Puri, A Blais
Science advances 4 (11), eaau1695, 2018
Encoding qubits in multimode grid states
B Royer, S Singh, SM Girvin
PRX Quantum 3 (1), 010335, 2022
Quantum metamaterial for nondestructive microwave photon counting
AL Grimsmo, B Royer, JM Kreikebaum, Y Ye, K O'Brien, I Siddiqi, A Blais
arXiv preprint arXiv:2005.06483, 2020
Loophole-free Bell inequality violation with superconducting circuits
S Storz, J Schär, A Kulikov, P Magnard, P Kurpiers, J Lütolf, T Walter, ...
Nature 617 (7960), 265-270, 2023
Encoding qubits in multiple oscillators
B Royer, S Girvin, S Singh
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2023
Control, gates, and error correction of GKP codes in bosonic cQED
A Eickbusch, A Ding, B Brock, V Sivak, S Singh, B Royer, S Ganjam, ...
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2023
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