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Plastic and evolved responses to global change: what can we learn from comparative transcriptomics?
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Genetic assessment of connectivity in the common reef sponge, Callyspongiavaginalis (Demospongiae: Haplosclerida) reveals high population structure along the …
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Phylotocol: Promoting transparency and overcoming bias in phylogenetics
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Sponges lack Parahox genes
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The complete mitochondrial genome of the sea urchin Echimometra sp. EZ
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ANISEED 2019: 4D exploration of genetic data for an extended range of tunicates
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Variable levels of drift in tunicate cardiopharyngeal gene regulatory elements
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A novel approach to studying novelty: Integrating embryonic development and evolutionary history to characterize the colloblast, a ctenophore-specific cell type
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Model-based Tests of Historical Demography and Species Delimitation in the Caribbean Coral Reef Sponge Callyspongia
MB DeBiasse
Louisiana State University, 2014
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