Christian Plewnia
Christian Plewnia
Professor for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University of Tübingen, Germany
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Enhancement of planning ability by transcranial direct current stimulation
CA Dockery, R Hueckel-Weng, N Birbaumer, C Plewnia
Journal of Neuroscience 29 (22), 7271-7277, 2009
The role of multiple contralesional motor areas for complex hand movements after internal capsular lesion
M Lotze, J Markert, P Sauseng, J Hoppe, C Plewnia, C Gerloff
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Dose‐dependent attenuation of auditory phantom perception (tinnitus) by PET‐guided repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation
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Antidepressant effects of augmentative transcranial magnetic stimulation: randomised multicentre trial
U Herwig, AJ Fallgatter, J Höppner, GW Eschweiler, M Kron, G Hajak, ...
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Amelioration of cognitive control in depression by transcranial direct current stimulation
L Wolkenstein, C Plewnia
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Moderate therapeutic efficacy of positron emission tomography-navigated repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for chronic tinnitus: a randomised, controlled pilot study
C Plewnia, M Reimold, A Najib, G Reischl, SK Plontke, C Gerloff
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Nigral stimulation for resistant axial motor impairment in Parkinson’s disease? A randomized controlled trial
D Weiss, M Walach, C Meisner, M Fritz, M Scholten, S Breit, C Plewnia, ...
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Disinhibition of the contralateral motor cortex by low-frequency rTMS
C Plewnia, M Lotze, C Gerloff
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Effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on executive functions: influence of COMT Val/Met polymorphism
C Plewnia, B Zwissler, I Längst, B Maurer, K Giel, R Krüger
Cortex 49 (7), 1801-1807, 2013
Enhancement of human cortico-motoneuronal excitability by the selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor reboxetine
C Plewnia, J Hoppe, C Hiemke, M Bartels, LG Cohen, C Gerloff
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Shaping memory accuracy by left prefrontal transcranial direct current stimulation
B Zwissler, C Sperber, S Aigeldinger, S Schindler, J Kissler, C Plewnia
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Treatment of tics in Tourette syndrome with aripiprazole
A Kastrup, W Schlotter, C Plewnia, M Bartels
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Clinical efficacy and cognitive side effects of bifrontal versus right unilateral electroconvulsive therapy (ECT): a short-term randomised controlled trial in pharmaco …
GW Eschweiler, R Vonthein, R Bode, M Huell, A Conca, O Peters, ...
Journal of affective disorders 101 (1-3), 149-157, 2007
Controversy: does repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation/transcranial direct current stimulation show efficacy in treating tinnitus patients?
B Langguth, D De Ridder, JL Dornhoffer, P Eichhammer, RL Folmer, ...
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Self-face recognition in schizophrenia
TT Kircher, NY Seiferth, C Plewnia, S Baar, R Schwabe
Schizophrenia research 94 (1-3), 264-272, 2007
Noradrenergic modulation of human cortex excitability by the presynaptic α2-antagonist yohimbine
C Plewnia, M Bartels, L Cohen, C Gerloff
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The COMT Val/Met polymorphism modulates effects of tDCS on response inhibition
V Nieratschker, C Kiefer, K Giel, R Krüger, C Plewnia
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Event-related desynchronization and excitability of the ipsilateral motor cortex during simple self-paced finger movements
C Rau, C Plewnia, F Hummel, C Gerloff
Clinical Neurophysiology 114 (10), 1819-1826, 2003
To act or not to act. Neural correlates of executive control of learned motor behavior
F Hummel, R Saur, S Lasogga, C Plewnia, M Erb, D Wildgruber, W Grodd, ...
Neuroimage 23 (4), 1391-1401, 2004
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