Mahmood Reza Rahimi
Mahmood Reza Rahimi
Process intensification research lab. Chemical engineering dept., Yasouj university
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Sonochemical-assisted synthesis of CuO/Cu2O/Cu nanoparticles as efficient photocatalyst for simultaneous degradation of pollutant dyes in rotating packed bed reactor: LED …
S Mosleh, MR Rahimi, M Ghaedi, K Dashtian, S Hajati
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 40, 601-610, 2018
Ultrasonic enhancement of the simultaneous removal of quaternary toxic organic dyes by CuO nanoparticles loaded on activated carbon: central composite design, kinetic and …
S Dashamiri, M Ghaedi, K Dashtian, MR Rahimi, A Goudarzi, R Jannesar
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 31, 546-557, 2016
Photocatalytic degradation of binary mixture of toxic dyes by HKUST-1 MOF and HKUST-1-SBA-15 in a rotating packed bed reactor under blue LED illumination: central composite …
S Mosleh, MR Rahimi, M Ghaedi, K Dashtian, S Hajati
RSC advances 6 (21), 17204-17214, 2016
Sonophotocatalytic degradation of trypan blue and vesuvine dyes in the presence of blue light active photocatalyst of Ag3PO4/Bi2S3-HKUST-1-MOF: central composite optimization …
S Mosleh, MR Rahimi, M Ghaedi, K Dashtian
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 32, 387-397, 2016
BiPO 4/Bi 2 S 3-HKUST-1-MOF as a novel blue light-driven photocatalyst for simultaneous degradation of toluidine blue and auramine-O dyes in a new rotating packed bed reactor …
S Mosleh, MR Rahimi, M Ghaedi, K Dashtian, S Hajati
RSC Advances 6 (68), 63667-63680, 2016
Ag3PO4/AgBr/Ag-HKUST-1-MOF composites as novel blue LED light active photocatalyst for enhanced degradation of ternary mixture of dyes in a rotating packed bed reactor
S Mosleh, MR Rahimi, M Ghaedi, K Dashtian, S Hajati, S Wang
Chemical Engineering and Processing 114, 24-38, 2017
Application of least squares support vector regression and linear multiple regression for modeling removal of methyl orange onto tin oxide nanoparticles loaded on activated …
M Ghaedi, M reza Rahimi, AM Ghaedi, I Tyagi, S Agarwal, VK Gupta
Journal of colloid and interface science 461, 425-434, 2016
Modeling and optimization of simultaneous removal of ternary dyes onto copper sulfide nanoparticles loaded on activated carbon using second-derivative spectrophotometry
AR Bagheri, M Ghaedi, A Asfaram, S Hajati, AM Ghaedi, A Bazrafshan, ...
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 65, 212-224, 2016
Removal of methyl orange by copper sulfide nanoparticles loaded activated carbon: Kinetic and isotherm investigation
P Mokhtari, M Ghaedi, K Dashtian, MR Rahimi, MK Purkait
Journal of Molecular Liquids 219, 299-305, 2016
Correlation of viscosity in nanofluids using genetic algorithm-neural network (GA-NN)
H Karimi, F Yousefi, MR Rahimi
Heat and mass transfer 47, 1417-1425, 2011
HKUST-1-MOF–BiVO 4 hybrid as a new sonophotocatalyst for simultaneous degradation of disulfine blue and rose bengal dyes: optimization and statistical modelling
S Mosleh, MR Rahimi, M Ghaedi, K Dashtian
RSC advances 6 (66), 61516-61527, 2016
Intensification of abamectin pesticide degradation using the combination of ultrasonic cavitation and visible-light driven photocatalytic process: Synergistic effect and …
S Mosleh, MR Rahimi
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 35, 449-457, 2017
Experimental investigations on the viscosity of magnetic nanofluids under the influence of temperature, volume fractions of nanoparticles and external magnetic field
A Malekzadeh, AR Pouranfard, N Hatami, A Kazemnejad Banari, ...
Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics 9 (2), 693-697, 2016
Fixed-bed column performances of azure-II and auramine-O adsorption by Pinus eldarica stalks activated carbon and its composite with zno nanoparticles: Optimization by response …
M Jafari, MR Rahimi, M Ghaedi, H Javadian, A Asfaram
Journal of colloid and Interface Science 507, 172-189, 2017
Efficiencies of sieve tray distillation columns by CFD simulation
R Rahimi, MR Rahimi, M Zivdar
Chemical Engineering & Technology: Industrial Chemistry‐Plant Equipment …, 2006
One step integration of plasmonic Ag2CrO4/Ag/AgCl into HKUST-1-MOF as novel visible-light driven photocatalyst for highly efficient degradation of mixture dyes pollutants: Its …
S Jalali, MR Rahimi, K Dashtian, M Ghaedi, S Mosleh
Polyhedron 166, 217-225, 2019
CO2 capture by amine-based aqueous solution containing atorvastatin functionalized mesocellular silica foam in a counter-current rotating packed bed: central composite design …
B Jafari, MR Rahimi, M Ghaedi, K Dashtian, S Mosleh
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 129, 64-74, 2018
ZnO nanoparticles loaded different mesh size of porous activated carbon prepared from Pinus eldarica and its effects on simultaneous removal of dyes: Multivariate optimization
M Jafari, MR Rahimi, M Ghaedi, K Dashtian
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Mixing and segregation of solid particles in a conical spouted bed: Effect of particle size and density
M Kiani, MR Rahimi, SH Hosseini, G Ahmadi
Particuology 32, 132-140, 2017
Simultaneous extraction and preconcentration of Cu2+, Ni2+ and Zn2+ ions using Ag nanoparticle-loaded activated carbon: Response surface methodology
SAR Shahamirifard, M Ghaedi, MR Rahimi, S Hajati, M Montazerozohori, ...
Advanced Powder Technology 27 (2), 426-435, 2016
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