Yara Haridy
Yara Haridy
Museum für Naturkunde, Leibniz-Institut für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung
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Ontogenetic Change in the Temporal Region of the Early Permian Parareptile Delorhynchus cifellii and the Implications for Closure of the Temporal Fenestra in …
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Y Haridy
Examples of pathologies in terrestrial vertebrates from the Early Permian of Richards Spur locality, Oklahoma, USA
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Hosted by University of Alberta, 48, 2017
Assessing the relationship between acrodont implantation and reduced tooth replacement: comparisons between the dentitions of extinct and extant acrodont reptiles
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Hosted by University of Alberta, 25, 2017
Description of a juvenile specimen of Delorhynchus based on a partially articulated skull and mandible from the Richards Spur locality, Oklahoma
Y Haridy, MJ MacDougall, RR Reisz
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